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6th Grade STEM Supply List​

7th Grade STEM Supply List

8th Grade STEM Supply List

The DeLand Middle School STEM Academy is built on the principle that EVERY INDIVIDUAL can work, learn, and accomplish more when supported by a community focused on positivity and the pursuit of self-empowerment.​

​To find out more about the STEM Academy, please visit the STEM Web site by clicking here.

To apply for the STEM Academy, please download an application and bring it to the front office.  Applications for new STEM students are due on May 3, 2019.​

6th DMS STEM application​

7th DMS STEM application

DeLand Middle School PE Waiver​​​​

Who can join the STEM Academy?

The STEM Academy is open for ANY 6th and 7th grade students willing to work hard, cooperate in team projects, and always give his/her best. We do have some limitations on ESE and EBD students, but please apply and we will address those concerns on a case by case basis. We will open our 8th grade program during the 2019-2020 school year.

How is the STEM Academy different from traditional middle school? 

STEM Academy members join a cohort team of like-minded students. All the students in a grade level share the same math, social studies, science, ELA, and makerspace teachers. These teachers meet daily to discuss the individual needs of every student in their team. The STEM Academy is structured around 75 minute block periods for core classes with extra support blocks for math and ELA as necessary. Rather than seven 45 minute periods, STEM students take their four core classes, an elective of their choice, and the two weekly block sessions in the makerspace space lab. Here they chose from a variety of different modules to explore new technology and develop creative skills. 

Which classes do STEM Academy students take? 

Each student is enrolled in advanced science, advanced math, advanced ELA, advanced social studies, the Makerspace elective, and one elective of the student's choosing.

Is the STEM Academy only for students with high test scores? 

No, the STEM Academy is designed to challenge every student to their individual potential. If you want to work hard, we want you in our academy. We do have some scheduling limitations based on state course requirements, but please apply and we will work to accommodate each individual's circumstances.

Are gifted students allowed? 

Absolutely! Our curriculum will inspire every student who wants to put forth their best effort. However gifted students must relinquish the title "gifted" as our courses are open to all students in search of rigorous academics. Students identified as gifted do not lose the gifted title for their education beyond the STEM academy.

Do you offer ESE services? 

At this point in time, we are able to accommodate students with ESE consultation services. Due to some scheduling constraints, each case is individually evaluated and we work with families to ensure the best services are provided for each student.

Do I need to bring my own technology? 

Students are NOT required to bring any personal technology to school. Volusia County Public Schools does offer BYOT WIFI services for students who choose to use their own devices for academic purposes.

Do I get to choose an elective? 

Beyond the STEM core curriculum, students chose one elective. Band, art, PE, chorus, and Spanish are among the variety of options. Please see the DMS website for the current list of available electives.

Do I have to take PE? 

Students are welcome to chose PE as their elective, however parents may sign a PE waiver allowing students to take a different elective.