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88 W. Highbanks Rd.
DeBary, FL 32713
(386) 575-4230
(386) 968-0021 fax

    Application To Volunteer

    To submit a volunteer application, click on one of the links below:

    Volunteer Application

    Volunteer Application - Spanish

    Complete the application and submit all information requested. All personal data submitted is confidential. Your application will stay on a "hold" queue until you have your driver’s license scanned into the Raptor System at DeBary Elementary. You will be informed by email, if provided, when your application has been cleared.

    If you have any problems completing the application, please call the VIPS department at (386) 734-7190, extensions 38379, 38380 or 38381.

    Volunteer Information

    Anyone wishing to volunteer at DeBary Elementary School must complete an online volunteer application.  Please note:  If you are planning on going on a field trip with your child - an application must be on file.  See information below under "Application to Volunteer". 
    After the application has been cleared, we welcome you to come and volunteer your time.  When you arrive on campus, please go to the front office to sign in on the computer.  After you have signed in, you will be required to show your driver's license or a photo ID.  You will then be given an ID badge.  Please wear this badge in a visible place while on campus.  Be sure to stop by the office to sign out and turn in your badge when you are leaving the campus.
    Volunteers in School:  Benefits for Everyone
    The Volunteer Gains: 

    •  Personal satisfaction from helping children learn.
    •  Opportunities to learn new skills, polish old ones.
    •  Knowledge and understanding of Volusia County Schools.
    •  Work experience that may lead to a future career. 

    The Student Gains: 

    •  Additional individual attention.
    •  An accepting atmosphere for reinforced learning.
    •  A chance to succeed, thus building better self-esteem.
    •  A warm and caring adult who is a good friend. 

    The School Gains: 

    •  Positive interaction with the community.
    •  Improved student achievement and behavior.
    •  Additional services without extra costs.
    •  Increased community understanding and support. 

    The Volusia County Community Gains: 

    •  Better-educated students.
    •  Greater confidence in the educational system.



    Volunteers in Public Schools

    You can reach the Volunteer Coordinator  by calling (386) 575-4230.

    Business Partners

    Recognizing that a strong public school system is essential to the prosperity of our community, many business and civic organizations take an active role in schools.   The Volusia Partners program encourages this involvement by developing partnerships that enhance the education of our students. During the 2011-2012 school year, over 525 businesses, organizations, and colleges partnered with one or more school.  Partnership activities include:  

    • provide incentives and awards
    • financial contributions
    • in-kind service to volunteer, mentor, tutor, or serve on councils/advisories
    • donation of equipment
    • adoption of a particular school or event
    • release time for employees to volunteer in schools
    • school sponsorship of programs, seminars and workshops

    You can reach the Business Partner Coordinator  by calling (386) 575-4230.