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88 W. Highbanks Rd.
DeBary, FL 32713
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    ​​Many of the student books are available online.  Below are the links to some of the textbooks.  Ask your child's teacher for login and password information!  There are also many learning activities and games available through these sites to help reinforce skills taught at school.
    Reading Textbook:
    Math Textbook:
    Science Textbook:
    Social Studies Textbook:

     ​Common Area Rules​

    Line Rules:

        1.  Line up in your own space, one behind the other.

        2.  Hands by your side or behind your back.

        3.  Walk silently.

    Restroom Rules:

        1.  Use fixtures and paper goods responsibly.

        2.  Flush the toilet.

        3.  Wash your hands.

        4.  Leave the area clean.

        5.  Report problems promptly.

    Walkway Rules:

        1.  Carry a pass.

        2.  Walk quietly.

        3.  Return promptly.

        4.  Always walk in pair or groups.

    Playground Rules:

        1.  Stay within teacher's view.

        2.  Use equipment properly.

        3.  Play fair and share.

        4.  Pick up only playground equipment 

    Cafeteria Rules:

    Parents or individuals listed on the contact card may visit their student for lunch.  Parents and student must sit at the visitors' lunch table.  Parents are only allowed to pull their own child from the lunch table unless written consent is given by the other student's parents.
    Following school rules will result in good manners in the lunchroom.  Students must sit in their assigned area.  There should be no movement from table to table once seated.  Inappropriate behavior, which includes throwing food, will not be tolerated.  Sharing food is not permitted for health reasons.  Carbonated drinks are also strongly discouraged.  Glass containers are not permitted.  While in the cafeteria students are expected to: 

        1.  Use inside voice

        2.  Remain seated

        3.  Follow table rules:  sit safely, eat without playing, be polite, raise hand for help

        4.  Clean lunch table area.


    Classroom Birthday Celebrations

    The School Health Advisory Committee was charged to study and make recommendations on best nutrition practices and vending for Volusia County Schools by the Superintendent.  The Committee recommended that on the elementary level birthday party celebrations be limited to once a month in each classroom.  This means that all students with birthdays in a specific month would be celebrated at the same time during one party.  The intent was to limit the intake of sweets and extra calories for students towards the fight against childhood obesity.


    Please check with your child's teacher to find out when this special day will be so that you can plan accordingly.  Food provided for classroom celebrations must be prepackaged or store prepared.