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DeBary, FL 32713
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    Special Area


    Teacher:  Mrs. Hatch -

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    Media Center

    Teacher:  Mrs. Donlevy -

    Welcome to the Kingdom of DeBary: A Realm of Reading!

    Check out the Media Center Weebly website at for teacher, student, and parent information about DeBary Media procedures, student and teacher guides, along with upcoming media event information. 

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    Teacher: Miss Coatney -

    In music, students are provided with a balanced approach to learning, supplementing to the work they are already doing in their classrooms. This approach emphasizes critical thinking and creative problem solving, developing musical skills, and responding to aesthetic qualities in music. Instruction in the music classroom is a discipline based approach that covers the music standards appropriate to each grade level.

    The music room is a place to allow the students to be creative! They will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills necessary as future creators, performers, and consumers of music. Music provides the experience to help students acquire independence, a positive self-image, and a sense of responsibility. The study of music provides practice in basic and higher order thinking skills that reach across all other academic disciplines.

    Music is an integral part of human life that influences learning and improves quality of life. It is beneficial to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of each and every student.

     Music Classroom Rules:

    1. Listen Carefully and Follow Directions
    2. Respect and Care for All Musical Instruments and Equipment
    3. Raise Your Hand Before You Speak
    4. Respect Your Classmates – Treat Them with Kindness
    5. Always Give 100% - Try Your BEST!

     Music Grading:

    The music grade is based largely upon participation, as well as musical skill and acquisition, and behavior. Since most elementary music learning targets are performance based, a grade cannot be given to a student that is not participating


    Physical Education

    Coach LaPlante -

    Coach Maenza -

    Coach Redmond -

    ​Click here​ for the latest PE Newsletter

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding PE, please email the one of the coaches.


    Our Physical Education program provides students with opportunities to learn and develop motor skills, and to become aware of the different components of physical fitness and how we can improve in these.  We give instruction in a variety of motor skills that are designed to enhance the physical, mental, and social/emotional development of every child.  Through fitness education and assessment students learn about the benefits gained from being physically active as well as the skills and knowledge to incorporate safe, satisfying physical activity into their lives. Students will also gain understanding about  good nutrition and how it can lead to optimum health, and how to keep themselves safe in a variety of situations. Responsible behaviors including cooperation, teamwork, respecting others are also stressed.


    *Students are expected to fully participate in P.E. class. In the event that a child's participation will be limited due to illness or injury, a note should be sent from the parent or guardian. If the condition will keep the student out of activity for an extended period, a doctor's note should be included.              *Shoes that are appropriate for physical activity (tennis shoes, sneakers, athletic shoes) must be worn.


    Physical Education measurement topics include Movement Competency, Cognitive Abilities, Lifetime Fitness, and Responsible Behaviors.

    Students in the primary grades are graded as follows:  (in regards to current grading period student is…)

    + = consistently demonstrating skills      √= learning/developing  skills       Ø = not demonstrating skills

    Students in the intermediate grades earn letter grades.

    Students are also graded on personal development or conduct, and effort.

    Medical Concerns

    Please notify your classroom teacher and the coaches if your child has a condition (such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, or seizures).