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88 W. Highbanks Rd.
DeBary, FL 32713
(386) 575-4230
(386) 968-0021 fax


    ​​​​​Opt-Out Form​​​​​

    ​If you do not wish for your student to be photographed/videotaped in any way please fill out the form and return to the school. Click here for additional information.

    Media Release Form

    Sometimes we receive requests form outside media sources for pictures/videos of students. Examples may be but not limited to news stories and big projects in the district. If you are interested please fill out this form and return to the school. Click here​ for more information.

    ​​​Community Event Flyers 

    Looking for an activity for your child to participate in?  Flyers announcing events and programs sponsored by community organizations can be viewed by clicking he​​​​​re.

    New flyers will be posted on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Be sure to check back frequently for events and activities occurring throughout Volusia County.
    Don't have computer access at home?  A computer is available for your use in our school's Media Center and at every Volusia County Public Library. 


    Our goal is to help every child become a responsible person.  The students at DeBary Elementary will behave in a respectful manner at all times.  In order to instill responsibility in our students, we have initiated school wide Social Skills training.
    We believe that children who behave in a responsible manner should be rewarded.  Faculty and staff members recognize students school wide through the Terrific Kid Program.  Students are also awarded by various reinforcement programs in the classroom, special area classes and the Guidance Department.
    Toys, electronic devices, games, trading cards and any items that in any way resembles a weapon are not allowed at school.  Refer to the Student Code of Conduct for specific details of appropriate behavior and possible consequences for misbehavior. 

    In the Event of an Emergency.....

    Parents: in the event of an emergency on campus in which we need to evacuate the school grounds, we will have our students bussed to University High School where you will be able to reunite with them. In such an event, we will make an announcement via our text and call system alerting you to the evacuation and the procedures for picking up your child at the evacuation site (UHS on Rhode Island in Orange City). In the evvent we are unable to use University High School students will be bussed to River Springs Middle School.​

    Facility Usage

    The school board recognizes that use of the district's facilities by outside organizations can benefit the general public of Volusia County.

    If you are interested in using DeBary Elementary School's facilities, please do the following: 

    1.  Call Paula Phelan, 386-575-4230, extension 42004, to see if the area you are interested in is free on the school's master calendar.

    2.  Print and complete both applications below.  Attach a copy of your insurance and mail to Terri Vinton, Bookkeeper, 88 West Highbanks Road, DeBary, Florida 32713.  If you have questions concerning the insurance, please call Terri Vinton at 386-575-4230, extension 42020.

    Facility Usage Agreement

    Facility Usage Hold Harmless Agreement

    ​A list of facility fees and the school board policy on using the district's facilities are below for your information.

    Facility Usage Fee Schedule

    School Board Policy 703 - Facility Usage

    Field Study Guidelines

    Each student must have a clearly defined status.  The student is either "ON" the field study, or they are "NOT ON" the field study.  If a parent wishes to check their child out of school before the field study leaves school, it is a parental choice.  In those cases, the child will be considered as "NOT ON" the field study.  The school will not have responsibility for supervision of the child.  If the child is "NOT ON" the field study, the school will not accept any money in payment for costs associated with the field study.  The parent and student will be independent of the school field study with regard to any cost or admission price and will not be included in the group activities.
    Parents wishing to serve as chaperones on field studies must also have a clearly defined status.  Parents serving as chaperones must have a cleared volunteer application on file to be considered an official part of the group.  The school reserves the right to limit the number of official chaperones participating in any given trip.
    If a chaperone wishes to transport their child to and from the field study site, proper paperwork must be completed prior to departure from school.

    Florida KidCare 

    Children with health insurance miss fewer days of school, and applying for Florida KidCare is easy.  Any family can apply, and many pay $20 or less per month to insure their children.  Most pay nothing at all.  Click here for additional information. 

    Lost and Found

    All articles found at the school should be turned in immediately to the office.  Lost items will be kept for a short length of time.  Students should check lost and found as soon as they realize something is missing.  The lost and found items are on the outside stage.  Unclaimed items willb e donated to local charity organizations.  We strongly recommend that personal items, including jackets, lunch boxes, etc. are clearly marked with your child's name.  


    At the request of a parent/guardian and doctor, prescription medication may be given to a student at school.  The "Authorization to Administer Prescription Medication to Students by School Personnel" form must be completed by the parent and doctor prior to administering any medication.  The container must be labeled with the child's name, name of drug, directions concerning dosage and time to be given, and doctor's name and date of prescription.  The medication must be delivered to the school by the parent.  Students are not allowed to bring in any medication at any time.  This includes chap stick, cough drops and any other item marked as medicated.  In order to help speed this process please let your doctor know that medication permission forms may be faxed to our office at (386) 968-0021. 
    At the end of the school year, your child's medication needs to be picked up from the clinic by the end of the last school day.  This includes prescription and non-prescription medication as well as atomizers and any equipment you may have brought in for medical procedures.  An adult must pick up these items, as we cannot send them home with the students.  If the medication is not picked up, it will be disposed of according to Volusia County School Board Guidelines.
    If you have any questions, please call the Nurse at (386) 575-4230, extension 42198.

    Online School Payments

    The Online School Payments portal is provided to parents to facilitate payment for school fees for a variety of products and services. ​View​​​​​

    Parental Contacts

    In the event of an emergency, parents and guardians require information regarding the safety of their children.  Specific staff are identified and assigned to meet with any parents that respond to the school in a safety/security emergency.  Information provided to the parents/guardians will be generated by the media contact in cooperation with the District Public Information Officer.

    In the event of an emergency on campus in which we need to evacuate the school grounds, we will have our students bussed to University High School where parents/guardians will be able to reunite with them. In such an event, we will make an announcement via our text and call system alerting you to the evacuation and the procedures for picking up your child at the evacuation site (UHS on Rhode Island in Orange City).

    Personal Items

    Nothing should come from home without a teacher's permission.  Toys, electronic games, radios, etc. need to remain at home for their safe keeping. 

    Policy for Students without money for meals at DeBary Elementary

    Rewards Programs for the School

    School Insurance

    School insurance is available to all students.  Purchase of the insurance is optional.​

    School Uniforms


    The textbooks, which are loaned to students, are very expensive and are expected to last for many years.  It is the responsibility of each student to take good care of these books.  Parents are expected to pay for lost or damaged books.  Textbooks are also available online.  check with your child's teacher for access information.


    Visiting parents or other individuals on the school grounds for school-related business are welcome.  In reference to (Volusia County Standard) VCS501, all visitors to the school campus must sign in on the computer at the front office.  After you have signed in, you will be required to show your driver's license or photo ID.  You will then be given an ID badge.  The badge must be worn in a visible place (shoulder/chest area).  When you have concluded your visit, you must return to the front office to sign out and turn in your badge. 


    When a student is withdrawing from school, parents should notify the office in advance.  A withdrawal form will be completed by the teacher, media specialist and cafeteria.  If a student is transferring to another Volusia County School, this withdrawal form is needed for enrollment. 


    504/PST Contacts

          Tiffany Fowler​

    School Way Cafe 

    School Lunches

    My School Bucks (

    Free and Reduced Lunch​ 

    Teachers by Grade Level and Special Area

    Contact Teachers



    Your child is eligible to ride the school bus provided you live two miles or more from the school.  Students who are not eligible to ride a school bus may not ride a bus under any circumstances.  Students must ride only their assigned buses to and from school and board and exit the bus at the assigned stop.  In the best interest of safety, your child must obey all safety rules and regulations as stated in the Volusia County Schools' Student Code of Conduct. 

    Change of Address or Telephone Number

    If a change in address, telephone number or emergency number occurs please notify the office immediately.  The office must always have an emergency contact number in case of an emergency.

    Classroom Change Request

    Once the school year has begun, classroom changes are strongly discouraged.  If a serious situation arises, the principal, along with the Student Study Team, will review requests.

    Emergency Cards

    An emergency card will be sent home with each student at the beginning of each school year.  Please complete and update the card with current information and return it to the school immediately.  Please notify the office of any changes.


    Homework is an integral part of the learning process and should be done primarily for practice that reinforces lessons presented in school.  Homework provides and encourages parental involvement in your child's education.   

    Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Parent-teacher conferences are encouraged.  The teacher will be happy to reserve a time for the conference, simply email or send a note to the teacher.

    Party Invitations

    Please don't ask your child's teacher to pass out party invitations to individual students.  It is very difficult and confusing to children when they are not invited.

    VPK - Voluntary Prekindergarten

    Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) is a free, state-funded program available to children who are four-years-old on or before September 1. For more information, click here.