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88 W. Highbanks Rd.
DeBary, FL 32713
(386) 575-4230
(386) 968-0021 fax
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Mrs. Alisa Fedigan
    (386) 575-4230
    Photo of Chad Miller
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 575-4230

     Content Editor

    Kindergarten Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Baker, Maria A. Teacher, Kg
    Bouchard, Holly C. Teacher, Kg
    Gaglione, Cherri E. Teacher, Kg
    Litwiniec, Sarah D. Teacher, Kg
    Parker Burns, Julia D. Teacher, Kg
    Ruckert, Jennifer L. Teacher, Kg
    Smith, Jill S. Teacher, Kg

    1st Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Arnold, Deborah M. Teacher, First
    Hamlin, Leslie D. Teacher, First
    Mancillas, Yansi V. Teacher, First
    Ritter, Dale Teacher, First
    Terrell, Sarah D. Teacher, First
    Torres, Tenna M. Teacher, First
    Wilson, Karen C. Teacher, First

    2nd Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Borden, Morgan F. Teacher, Second
    Hudick, Amy Z. Teacher, Second
    Ritter, Marian D. Teacher, Second
    Robertson, Jazmyn S. Teacher, Second
    Wiley, Nicole L. Teacher, Second
    Zayas-Ayala, Nadelia C. Teacher, Second

    3rd Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Alderman, Amanda B. Teacher, Third
    Huffman, Jennie R. Teacher, Third
    McIntosh, Kellie J. Teacher, Third
    Moon, Nicole I. Teacher, Third
    Sicari, Lynn S. Teacher, Third

    4th Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Ebersole, Amanda R. Teacher, Fourth
    Frye, Stephanie L. Teacher, Fourth
    Lacorte, Brittany E. Teacher, Fourth
    Mills, Loree A. Teacher, Fourth
    Potter, Melissa J. Teacher, Fourth
    Ray, Jennifer L. Teacher, Fourth
    Sanders, Stephanie R. Teacher, Fourth

    5th Grade Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Cohen, Sonia H. Teacher, Fifth
    Edmands, Leah C. Teacher, Fifth
    Howard, Pamela A. Teacher, Fifth
    Marcus, Valerie M. Teacher, Fifth
    Miller, Leah N. Teacher, Fifth
    Spillar, Christine D. Teacher, Fifth

    ESE Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Ayers, Hillary D. Teacher, Ve
    Baylor, Jennifer F. Teacher, Ve
    Grenon, Trudy A. Teacher, Ve
    Leon, Telkris Teacher, Ve
    Roberts, Jessica R. Teacher, Ve

    Special Area Teachers
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Coatney, Erin C. Teacher, Music-e
    Haley, Allen M. Teacher, Pe-e
    Hatch, Nancy M. Teacher, Art-e
    Laplante, Robert M. Teacher, Pe-e
    Maenza, Nicole B. Teacher, Pe-e
    Redmond, Patrice B. Teacher, Pe-e

    Office Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Kahle, Leni E. Clerk, Sch
    Pesantes, Jayme S. Clerk, Sch
    Schinner, Kristine A. Clerk Typ, Sch
    Vinton, Terri S. Clerk Typ, Sch

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Albert, Adelita L. Clerk, Staff
    Bocker, Lisette M. Nurse, Lpn
    Donlevy, Kelli M. Lib/med Spec-e 42996
    Lasher, Heather Sp/lang Path
    Phelan, Paula F. Data Ent Op, Sch 42004
    Strocchia, Nicole S.