​Clinic News​

Parents, please know that students are not allowed to bring any type of medication, which includes cough drops and any type

of ointment/lip balm for chapped lips, to school.  If your child needs to take or use any type of medication during school hours,

please stop by the clinic for a medication form and have the doctor sign it.  The medication will remain in the clinic to be given to

your child by the Nurse.  If you have any questions or need information about medications, please call the Nurse at (386) 575-4230,

ext. 42198.


​​​Sick Day Guidelines ​view here​

Uniform clothing donations are needed.  Please drop off your donations to the clinic.  Also, it would be a big help if the

younger students could pack an extra change of clothes in their backpack just in case of an emergency.


Zika Virus Information​

You can help prevent the spread of Zika and other diseases that mosquitoes spread by taking action in your community.​ Rea​d more...​

Bite Prevention                            What Can Be Done


Important Brochures/Flyers

Amoeba English Fact Sheet

Amoeba Spanish Fact Sheet

Clearn Your Hands

Clean Your Hands - Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Cover Your Cough

Cover Your Cough Brochure

Wash Your Hands Florida!

When Should I Wash My Hands