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6100 S. Williamson Blvd.
Port Orange, FL 32128
(386) 322-6101

    ​​Drama Application

    Drama Club

    The Arts are Alive @CCE

    See what is happening in the Art Room @ CCE

    Scan a QR code or copy and paste the web link to go one of the padlets to see and enjoy samples of artwork being produced by students in Mr. West's art room. Double tap or double click the padlet screen to open a dialogue box to leave any thoughts, feeling or comments about the artwork done by are fantastic artist.

    All feedback is welcomed and thanks for looking.

    QR codes for CCE websi​e.pdf

    ​ "PUP" Musicians

    The Pup Music Ensemble is perfect for any child who loves to sing and

    play instruments!  Students in this group work on solfege and proper vocal technique while expanding their repertoire of fun songs. A variety of songs and rhymes will be used while learning correct technique for pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments.Movement is incorporated in the rehearsals to reinforce melody, rhythm and lyrics.  Practice begins second semester. 

    "HIP HARPS" 

    Harp ensemble is an auditioned group that meets Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:15-7:45.  Students will be given information on how to acquire a harp and instruction on the fundamentals of playing this unique instrument. 


    This group is geared to 4th and 5th grade students who wish to more fully explore the enjoyment of making music.  They meet each Monday and Thursday afternoon for one hour after school.   Each student will learn and acquire proficiency on several pitched and unpitched percussion instruments.  In addition, students will learn vocal techniques, proper care of the instruments and gain experience with performance and improvisation.​ 


    The Otter Chorus is offered to 4th and 5th grade students who like to sing and perform. This group will meet on Wednesday and Thursday’s after school for one hour.  They will finish at 2:00 pm on early release days and 3:00 pm on non-early release days. Proper singing techniques will be reinforced while students gain experience singing solos and harmony.  In addition, students will add rhythm instruments and choreography. 


    The Rockin' Recorder group is for students who have had instruction through the Recorder Karate Unit in class or who have passed an audition. Students in this group will receive instruction on note reading, articulation, fingerings, hand position, phrasing and multi-part playing. This group is great preparation for middle school band!

    Practice is Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:15 am -7:45 am. 

    The “BRASS” Experience 

    In this group, we learn the basics of playing a brass instrument.  The school has some P-Bones

     (Plastic Trombones) available for check-out.  They are equivalent to their metal counterparts except that they weigh less and they do not require slide grease.  These two factors make them a perfect choice for the beginning brass experience.  Students will learn to read music and the basics of good tone production.  This group is only open to 4th & 5th grade students. It meets on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 7:15-7:45 in the music room.