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What Is AVID ?

Creekside Middle School's AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a program designed to increase academic success and college-readiness. AVID is a systemic instructional system for students which focuses on leadership, higher-level inquiry, critical thinking, and the development of habits and behaviors needed to succeed in school and in life. Through the AVID Elective, students are provided the skills, resources, and support to achieve success in the most rigorous classes. AVID teaching strategies, curriculum, and training's are also used and supported by the subject area teachers school-wide.​

Student Learning

The curriculum is designed to encourage organization, time management, good study habits and college style note-taking.

By developing these skills, AVID students have a smoother transition into college and perform at a higher level (in both high school and college).

Students take the AVID Elective course each year.

Students also take rigorous core courses with AVID trained teachers.

All students will participate in college/university field trips and fun academic activities.​


​​​AVID Coordinator and Elective Teacher

​Kristin Polizzi


​​AVID​ Administrator

Steff​an Mallory​


​​AVID​ Counselor

Jennifer Woodward


​​AVID​ Core Teachers

Jan Consiglio - World History


Anna Hack - Math


Melissa Rinaldi - ELA


Gina Triboletti - Science