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3550 Michigan Ave
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
(386) 424-2525

    Animation Club

    In Animation Club students will write, produce, develop, edit and create a soundtrack for a 5 minute animated video.  This video will be entered in several media competitions. This club is limited to 4th graders only due to competition rules.   The art teacher will select approximately twelve students to join the club on the basis of talent, reliability, good behavior and availability. If students receive a discipline referral they are not eligible to participate in the Animation Club.  Missing meetings, poor behavior, lack of effort or late pick up after club meetings could result in students being released from the club.  Upon selection, parents will receive a note home explaining further rules and regulations.  Please contact Animation Club sponsor Steve Hardock for more information.


    News Crew

    The Coronado Beach News Crew is made up of 5th grade students selected by the media specialist and 4th grade teachers. These students have the opportunity to become news anchors, learn how to run camera and broadcasting equipment, and "produce" a daily broadcast of the school announcements.  Students should meet the following criteria in order to be selected for news crew: well-behaved (no referrals); good reader - reading on or above grade level; get along well with others; listen and follow directions; respect school property/equipment.  Please contact News Crew sponsor Alice Andrews for more information.


    Hydroponics Club

    Within the next couple of weeks, fourth and fifth grade students will be given the opportunity to join
    our hydroponics club. What is hydroponics? Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil. We are looking forward to growing our own nutrient-rich and pesticide free food. Ms. MacIntyre, Mrs. Sokerka

    Running Club

    1st-5th Grades Limited to 30 students Running Club is an opportunity to practice physical fitness and to have fun. Participants will run, jog or walk approximately 45 minutes once a week. An on-going record of miles will be kept and our goal is for each child to achieve at least 26.2 miles (a full marathon)
    during the course of the year. This club is limited to 30 students. The selection will be determined by the first 30 permission slips that are completed, signed, and returned to the sponsor. Poor behavior, late pick-up after club meetings, more than 2 absences, and discipline referrals could result in students being released from the club.
    Warnings will be sent home for parents to sign and return.
    Please contact Running Club Sponsor, Debbie Cloer for more information.

    Safety Patrol

    Welcome back! Safety Patrol students have been diligently manning their posts and helping to keep order on campus. They jumped right into their responsibilities and have done a fantastic job already. Just a reminder: It will be very helpful to let the front office know your child is on
    Safety Patrol when he or she will be absent or checked out early. This will allow the substitute to prepare to take over during an absence. We’re off to a great start to a wonderful
    year ahead! Mrs. Cleveland​

    STEM Club

    Mrs. Bartley will be sponsoring a K-1 STEM club this year after school in
    our awesome STEM lab! Students will participate in hands-on, fun projects
    that incorporate science, technology, engineering and math. Three students
    from each K-1 class will be selected by their teacher to participate.​

    National Elementary Honor Society

    We are extremely excited to announce the creation of our very own chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society here at Coronado! The NEHS is modeled after the National Honor Society, which is a national student recognition program. Our chapter of NEHS will recognize students in both fourth and fifth grade for their outstanding academic achievement and demonstration of personal responsibility. Throughout the year, students will provide meaningful service to the school and community and develop essential leadership skills. To be eligible for membership consideration, students must have at least a B average and must meet high standards of responsibility, service and leadership.

    Culinary Club

    I am excited to start our after school Culinary Club for 2nd and 3rd grade students!  It will be held on Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 beginning September 7th.  I will pick your child up in the cafeteria and return to my classroom for activities.  Punctuality in picking up your child in front of the cafeteria after the session ends is extremely important.  Ten Students will be chosen each quarter in order to give all that want to join an opportunity to do so.  The activities will help your child grow with problem solving & math, as well as, following direction skills.  We will start off simple and include more complex activities as the quarter progresses.  For example, we will start with safe-handling of cooking equipment and proper table setting, followed by making grilled cheese sandwiches and working our way up to meals and complex desserts.  It’s always so much fun for students and myself too!

    Garden Club

    A new club this year will allow second and third graders the opportunity to grow plants and use them around our campus.  We have a new greenhouse which will be set up to start our seedlings.  In additional, our club will be working in the butterfly garden to maintain it so that classes can use it for a learning environment. 

     Music Club

    Mr. McLaughlin will be directing the music club again this year.  This group is open to 4th & 5th grade students who have a great interest in music and will perform throughout the year in a variety of events.  The group meets in the music room on most Monday afternoons from 2:10-3:00.