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729 Hazen Road
DeLand, FL 32720
(386) 626-0053
    School Counselor
    ​​​What is Guidance?

    Dana J. Copes
    Citrus Grove Elementary
    Guidance Counselor 

    At Citrus Grove, Guidance is a special area.  Each classroom with a designated time for Guidance will learn about bullying, friendship skills, self control, and general skills that help them, not only in the classroom but in life!  In addition to the time students spend with me in class, they can request to see me on an individual basis through their teacher.  This can be if something is bothering them or if they have good news to share – I love to hear good news!  However, meeting with me on an individual basis is not “counseling”, if that is something that a family thinks is needed then I am happy to provided community referrals.  Unfortunately, there is just not enough time in the day for “counseling”.

    • Guidance Special Area K-3
    • Individual Support
    • Know Bullying
    • Special Events
    • Transitioning to Kindergarten
    • Resources for Families
    I look forward to helping your child have the best year ever!

    Contact information –
    ​386-626-0053 x22597

    Community Connector

    October 11, 2016 - Please find on this publication a list of emails and resources to support your staff and consumers in post hurricane efforts and relief. Community Connector​

    Guidance Special Area K-3  ​

    At Citrus Grove I have the pleasure of going into all K-3 classes, every other week, as part of the special area schedule!  Lessons will include information on friendship skills, feelings, conflict resolution, feelings, decision making, self-control and other social skills.  When teachers see that their class needs help in a certain area they can request that I do a lesson on a certain skill (i.e. tattling, personal hygiene / germs, etc.).

    Individual Support

    Individual Support is available to all students at the request of teachers, families, or students.  I am a resource to help students succeed in school. Individual support within the school setting is short term.  If your child tells you he/she met with me, please don’t be alarmed.  Sometimes students self-refer and visit with me once or twice, and are able to solve their own problem.  If students come to my office more than twice or it is of a serious nature families are contacted.  I feel fortunate to be able to spend time listening to students while providing a safe setting to help them work through challenges.   I feel as though I am another safe friend a Citrus Grove who is available to help students academically and emotionally.  

    Know Bullying

    Research shows that parents and caregivers who spend at least 15 minutes a day talking with their child can build the foundation for a strong relationship and help prevent bullying.

    The time you spend will help boost your children's confidence and build effective strategies for facing bullying-whether children are being bullied, engaging in bullying, or witnessing bullying.

    Take a few minutes and "check in," by asking about school, their friends, and any challenges they face.  Know Bullying has simple conversation starters to begin a discussion with your child.

    APP Features

    • Conversation Starters:  Start easy, meaningful conversations with your children.
    • Tips:  Learn strategies to prevent bullying for ages 3-6, 7-13, and teens.
    • Warning Signs:  Recognize if your child is engaging in bullying, being bullied, or witnessing bullying.
    • Reminders:  Talk with your child when the time feels right:  a quiet moment on the way to school or a game, during dinner, or relaxing outside.

    Transitioning to Kindergarten

    Transitioning to Kindergarten can be a difficult time for families.  Below are some articles that will make the move to our eagle nest a smooth one!




    Family Resources 

    Your parenting mindset may be the most important way you impact your student’s learning and development!  These are just a few of the areas I have found families have asked about:

    • Learning and Achievement
    • Family Well Being
    • Parent Readiness & Engagement
    • Back to School Anxiety
    • Children with Special Needs, Abilities, and Personalities
    • Homework – A Back to School Reality
    • Youth Sports
    • Bullying
    • Media & Technology
    • Discipline