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729 Hazen Road
DeLand, FL 32720
(386) 626-0053 Office
(386) 626-0065 Fax


    The Citrus Grove Media is a place for the entire Citrus Grove community!  Students, staff, and families are invited into the library every day from 7:30-3:30.  After 2 p.m. students must be accompanied by an adult.


    • Kindergarten & First grade may check out one book at a time for up to two weeks.
    • Second - Fifth grade may have two books at a time for up to two weeks.  One must be an on-level chapter book.
    • Parents may check out 5 books at one time for up to two weeks.
    Angela Young, Media Specialist  ext. 22596 
    Christina Dewberry, Media Clerk ext. 22573

    Scholastic Book Fair

    The book fair is coming to Citrus Grove September 6th-14th!  Please find details in the link below.

    Scholastic Book Fair

    Reading Counts

                         Primary (K-2)                                         Intermediate (3-5)

    ​ 10 points​Bookmark​25 pointsBookmark
     ​25 points​Pencil​50 pointsPencil
     ​50 points​Sweet Treat!​75 pointsSweet Treat!
     75 pointsSafari Treasure Chest​100 pointsSafari Treasure Chest
    100 pointsWild Stuffed Animal​150 pointsWild Stuffed Animal
    150 pointsExtra book check-out​200 pointsExtra book check-out
    200 points​Book​250 points​Book
    250 points​Lunch in Media with a friend​300 points​Lunch in Media with a friend
    300 points​Poster​350 points​Poster
    ​350 points​News Anchor​400 points​News Anchor
    400 points​Media Specialist for the Morning​450 points​Media Specialist for the Morning
    ​450 points

    Principal for the Morning

    ​500 points​Principal for the Morning

    Old Fashion Holiday ProgramOld Fashion Holiday Program.JPG