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729 Hazen Road
DeLand, FL 32720
(386) 626-0053


    The Citrus Grove Media is a place for the entire Citrus Grove community!  Students, Staff, and Families are invited into the library every day from 7:30-3:30.  If after 2 p.m. students must be accompanied by an adult.


    • Kindergarten & First grade may check out one book at a time.
    • Second - Fifth grade may have two books at a time.  One must be an on-level chapter book.
    Angela Young, Media Specialist  ext. 22596 
    Denise Ribeiro, Media Clerk

    Parents may check out 5 books.

    Reading Counts

                         Primary (K-2)                                         Intermediate (3-5)

    ​ 25 points​Pencil​50 points​Pencil
    ​50 points​Patriotic Lollipop​75 points​Patriotic Lollipop
    ​75 points​Homework Pass​100 points​Homework Pass
     100 points​​Patriotic Bracelet​150 points​Patriotic Bracelet
    150 points​Patriotic Treasure Chest​200 points​Patriotic Treasure Chest
    200 points​Presidential Flag Pin​250 points​Presidential Flag Pin
    250 points​Book​300 points​Book
    300 points​Lunch in the Media with a friend​350 points​Lunch in the Media with a friend
    350 points​Poster​400 points​Poster
    ​400 points​News Anchor​500 points​News Anchor
    500 points​Media Specialist for the Morning​600 points​Media Specialist for the Morning
    ​600 points​Presidential Luncheon​700 points​Presidential Luncheon
    ​700 pointsPrincipal for the Morning​800 points​Principal for the Morning​

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