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    Principal's Message

    Parents and teachers working together guarantee a student’s success in school. Working closely with your child’s teachers ensures your child will do better academically, socially and emotionally. Update the teacher on any major changes in your child’s life (an illness, separation, divorce, death, new sibling) that may affect his or her schoolwork. Parents are critical to the overall academic success of our students.

    Your support in the following areas will make a difference:
    · Have the student at school on time each day, ready to learn, with appropriate materials.
    · Talk with teachers on a regular basis about performance and ask for help, if necessary.
    · Support teachers in their efforts by encouraging students to maintain strong study habits, read for pleasure, and exhibit positive behavior.
    · Read to and with the student daily and provide a variety of reading materials in the home.
    · Ask the student each day about school, learning and homework. Please don’t accept “nothing” as an answer.
    · Limit the amount of time spent watching television or playing video games.
    · Take family trips to museums, libraries, cultural events, or just go outside and play.
    · Become involved in school activities and organizations.
    · Provide and update the school with current contact information.
    · During this cold and flu season, please remind your children to wash their hands often and cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough.
    · Write your child’s name in their jackets and sweaters.

    Thank you for partnering with us! We wish you and yours a healthy and happy season of thanks.


    Karen L. Beattie, Ed.D.


    Chisholm Elementary School