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625 S. Keech Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 258-4661

    Hours of Operation

    The Spartan Media Center is open daily from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  The Media Center will be closed during FCAT testing and faculty meetings.

    Circulation Policy (Checking In/Out Books)

    Students are permitted to check out two books at a time for a period of two weeks.  A five cent fine is applied on a daily basis when books become overdue.

    Admission to Media Center

    You must have a yellow pass or a signed agenda to enter the Media Center.  You are admitted into the Media Center to study, work on school assignments, access information on computers for class assigned work, read silently, practice on FCAT Explorer or take a Reading Counts quiz. 

    Media Center Computers

    It's a privilege to have computers and to be able to use them as technological resources.  Students are encouraged to use the computers in the Media Center, but are warned against misuse and inappropriate use.  A signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) ensures that students comply.  Computers are intended to be used for educational purposes ONLY. 

    Contact Us

    O'Brien, M.
    Media Specialist
    386-258-4661 ext. 53641

    Scholastic Reading Counts (RC)

    Students who participate in the program, first take the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) test.  Results from this test give the student a lexile level or reading score.  This reading score is used to match a student to a book.  Once the student is done reading the book, he/she takes a Reading Counts (RC) quiz.  Each book has a certain amount of points.  If the student passes the RC quiz, then the points are awarded.  Students who meet the 100 point challenge are invited to a celebration in May.  In addition, awards and recognition are given to students with the highest number of points, at the end of each month and at the end of the year.

    Math and Science Reading Counts (RC)

    There are designated corners in the Media Center with non-fiction Reading Counts Math and Science books.  Students are encouraged to take Reading Counts quizzes for these titles.  These areas will continue to be developed and additional titles will be added throughout the year.  Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) This is a statewide reading motivation program for students in grades 3 through 8.  The program features 15 titles.  Students are encouraged to read as many of these titles as possible, then the student votes in early April for his/her favorite author.  The votes are compiled across Florida and the author having the most votes wins the SSYRA award.  To be eligible, students are encouraged to read at least three SSYRA books and take the accompanying Reading Counts quiz.  Eligible students will be invited to a vote and participate in a Sunshine celebration in April.  Go to the following website for book list and annotations:

    Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

    This is a listing of items owned by the Spartan Media Center.  The listing can be accessed via our computers by clicking on an icon (symbol:  two books with a magnifying glass).  You can search this listing by subject, author, and title.  It will also let you know if any items are available, where they're located and if they are checked out.  It is recommended that you look here, before going to the shelves. 


    Sunlink is a web based resource that allows you to access what we have available in Campbell's Media Center from other locations.  This site also provides a number of educational resources.  Go to the following web site:, click on begin an advanced search, click on Region 3, followed by Volusia, and make sure you type in Campbell in the location box, before searching your titles, subjects or authors. 

    Proquest/e-Library (BIGCHALK) and Lions

    These are web resources supported by Volusia County Schools.  Access to these resources require a username and a password specific to each school.  See your media specialist for this information.  Prequest/eLibrary contains a large number of full-text articles from newspapers, magazines, and books, as well as images, web links, and audio/video files that can be used for class projects/assignments.  LIONS of Learning Literature is an excellent resource for English/Language Arts projects/assignments. 

    Culture Grams

    This web-based resource is supported by Volusia County Schools.  Students can access this resource to fin information on states and various countries (e.g. economy, population, locations, maps, short biographies, recipes, etc.)  As the media specialist for the username and password to access this resource. 

    FINDS (Focus, Investigate, Note, Develop, Score)

    This is a research model supported by Sunlink.  Students will be introduced to this model to help them prepare for research at the middle school level.  Introduction to plagiarism and emphasis of unethical practices will be a key component of this model. 

    MLA Format

    For examples of MLA style click on: