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625 S. Keech Street
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 258-4661
    Faculty & Staff
    Photo of Cindy Townsend
    (386) 258-4661
    Photo of Dr. Stephanie Owens
    ESE Assistant Principal
    Photo of Kyle Bryer
    Assistant Principal
    (386) 258-4661
    Photo of Edward Kosek
    Assistant Principal
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Anderson, Teresa M. ESE Teacher
    Babcock, Erica C. Core Teacher
    Babcock, Valencia M. Core Teacher
    Bell, Destiny R. Non-Core Teacher
    Butts, Rose M. Core Teacher
    Carlisle, Travis J. ESE Teacher
    Crow, Richard A. Core Teacher
    Davis, Robin R. Core Teacher
    Elam, Adam P. Non-Core Teacher
    Gattis, Leroy B. ESE Teacher
    Gibson, Alexandra L. Core Teacher
    Hamilton, Kathryn M. ESE Teacher
    Harden, Tonya S. ESE Teacher
    Henigman, Darin S. Core Teacher
    Hudson, Sondrea M. Core Teacher
    Jackson, Leona A. Core Teacher
    Jones-Taylor, Pamala D. ESE Teacher
    Lakkis, Pascale R. Core Teacher
    Lewis, Lori R. Non-Core Teacher
    Maguire, William J. Core Teacher
    McCoy, Michele M. Media Teacher
    McKee, Carissa N. Non-Core Teacher
    Morris, Teresa M. ESE Teacher
    Pelham, Duwayne S. Non-Core Teacher
    Percival, Jessica K. Core Teacher
    Powell, Tamara M. Non-Core Teacher
    Robinson, Aaron E. Non-Core Teacher
    Rogers, Jordan T. ESE Teacher
    Sarro, Catherine A. Core Teacher
    Schroeder, Stephen J. ESE Teacher
    Seabrooks-Bivins, Twanna M. Core Teacher
    Shittu, Adebisi M. Core Teacher
    Southard, Melanie A. Core Teacher
    Taylor, Jasmine M. Core Teacher
    Todman, Debra E. ESE Teacher
    Triumph, Eudel A. Core Teacher
    Vitagliano, Max A. Non-Core Teacher
    Wallace, Keisha L. Math Coach
    Wallace, Yolanda V. Core Teacher
    Watson, Bree'shawn S. Non-Core Teacher
    Whipple-Hamil, Kira A. Core Teacher
    Williams, Jo Ann Core Teacher
    Williams, Sasha T. Core Teacher
    Zimmermann, Jean M. Core Teacher

    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Mills, Jennifer N. Certified School Counselor

    Other Faculty/Staff
    Teacher Position Phone Email
    Jordan, Rachel W. Teacher, Academic Intervention
    Lucas, Daniel L. Teacher On Assignment
    Rushing, Christopher J. Teacher On Assignment
    Bachtell, Linda G. Office Specialist I 77144
    Broxton, Monique L. Office Specialist II 74498
    Cottle, Rebekah L. Teacher, Math Intervention 73056
    Dukes, Venitra L. Office Specialist I 70377
    Freeman, Octavia P. Office Specialist III 53644
    Jefferson, Trinette A. In-School Suspension Secondary 74964
    Kittles, Cassandra C. Office Specialist I 77045
    Stallman, Jamie D. Office Specialist III 53648
    Walker, Tiffany A. Office Specialist III 53618