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282 N. Blue Lake Ave.
Deland, FL 32724
(386) 822-4070

    School Counselor


    Barbara Stevens, Counselor,  386-822-4070,  ext. 22097

    The Guidance Counselor works with students in several settings to ensure a positive school experience for all children.
    Guidance services include: 

    • Individual Counseling - available for divorce, loss, anger management, personal concerns;
    • Small Group Counseling - ongoing opportunity to learn to deal with crises and improve social skills;
    • Classroom Guidance   - Lessons on safety,  appropriate behavior, abuse prevention;
    • Parent Support - Conferences and Referrals available as needed;
    • Character Education - daily lessons on morning broadcast to develop positive character traits;
    • Bully Prevention - ongoing program to assure the safety of every student;

    Please call Barbara Stevens at the Guidance Office at Ex. 22097 if you have any concerns about your child's school adjustment.

    Groups Offered at BL

    Social Skills Group (K-5th) Friendships, Manners, Coping Skills.
    Conflict Resolution Group (K-5th)  Bullying, Anger Management, Problem
    Solving, Conflict Resolution, Communication Skills.
    Grief/Loss Group- Support for students dealing with the loss of a loved-one.
    American Girl in the Real World( 4/5th grade Girl’s Group)  This group will focus on building self-esteem.  

    Parent Resources

    KidsHealth ( ).   A great website with lots of information on many topics, including bullying and handling strong emotions and tough times.  Enter the “Kids” section and click on “Dealing with Feelings” 

    Bully Proofing Our School

    What To Do When Others Are Bullied
    ·         Refuse to join in.
    ·         Speak out.  Use words like:  “Don’t treat him that way.”
    ·         Be a friend to the person who is being bullied.
    ·         Include students who are left out.



    Positive Self -Talk  

    Sometimes our anxiety causes us to make negative statements to ourselves. Our negative self-statements can cause anxiety.  Positive self-talk is a simple strategy that involves creating and repeating several positive statements.  Some examples of positive self-talk are: 

    • I can do this.

    • I know this material.

    • I have practiced this material.

    • I'm going to do well on the test.​