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282 N. Blue Lake Ave.
Deland, FL 32724
(386) 822-4070
    ESOL and Migrant Department


    English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) instruction is provided to Limited English Proficient (LEP) students based on their level of English language proficiency.  ESOL instruction must integrate instructional techniques of teaching English as a second language (ESL) with the curriculum requirements of English Language Arts.
    Teachers work with classroom teachers to develop fluency and literacy in the English language for pre-identified students of other languages. 

    FCAT Test-Taking Strategies for ESOL Students

    • Read questions first.
    • Circle key words in questions (words thqt will help you remember what the question is about).
    • Reread all the key words.
    • Read one or two paragraphs at a time (if you find a key word, circle it).
    • When you find an answer, underline it in the passage and number it.
    • Remember that, as an ESOL student you have extra time to complete tests, so please take your time and read everything carefully.

    Estrategias Para Los Estudiantes de ESOL 

    • Ques Toman Los Examenes FCAT.
    • Primero lea las preguntas.
    • Ponga un circulo alreadedor de las palabras claves en las preguntas.
    • palabras que te ayudaran a recordarte de lo que se trata la pregunta).
    • Lea de nuevo todas las palabras claves.
    • Solamente lea uno o dos parrafos a la vez (si encuentras una de las palabras claves, ponle un circulo alrededor).
    • Revisa las preguntas para ver si puedes contestar algo de lo que acabas de leer. 
    • Cuando encuentres la respuesta, subraya el pasaje y numerala.
    • Recuerden que, sendo estudiantes de ESOL, tienen tiempo adicional para completar los examenes.




    Please have your child read 15 minutes every day and have them complete their Reading Log each time.


    Parents need to sign planner (checking for completed homework, please!) AND sign the PURPLE Reading Log folder (your signature means you’re verifying they read at least 15 min.!)




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