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282 N. Blue Lake Ave.
Deland, FL 32724
(386) 822-4070
    ESE Department

    ESE Teaching and Resource Team K-5

    Learning Highlights 

    ESE Grades K-2

    • ​Please bring blue folder or class folder (for push-in students) to school with child daily. Homework is put in the folder for your child to complete. Plus the folder is used as a means of communication between school and family.​
    • Please leave the behavior chart (smiley face communicator) in your child's folder. I will remove the behavior chart at the beginning of the week and replace it with a new one.
    • A reading log is put in your child's folder at the beginning of every week. It is due the last day of the week. Your child should be reading at home for 15 minutes nightly as a part of their homework. Parents should record the book(s) read and sign the reading log. If your child needs to bring books home from class to read and return, that is alright but please remind your child to get a book from the classroom or let me know on the classroom behavior sheet in their folder. 
    • Books can be read:  independently, with an adult, or read to your child.
    • When homework is put into your child's folder, it is due the next day (other than the reading log).
    • There may be nights when your child does not have assigned homework from class. Please take this time to read an extra book or practice skills with your child that you know they need help with. It might be writing their name, practicing ABC's or numbers on flash cards, practicing sight words, writing and recognizing numbers. Whatever your child has a deficit in, would be a perfect thing to practice. You know your child better than we do and know what they need in order to better them as a student. 

    ESE Grades 3-5

    • Reading: Main idea & word meaning
    • Writing: Opinion writing
    • Math: Comparing numbers & the relationship between multiplication and division
    • Science: Scientific Method and Space
    • Social Studies: Physical attributes of FL
    ​Resources and Websites




    • Read for 20 minutes at home daily
    • Complete and hand in homework daily
    • wear sneakers on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for P.E
    • Come to school rested and ready to have a great day!.


    Parents need to sign planner (checking for completed homework, please!) AND sign the PURPLE Reading Log folder (your signature means you’re verifying they read at least 15 min.!)