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School-based Mental Health Resources


School-based Men​tal Health Resources
Volusia County Schools School-Based Mental Health Pro​vide​rs ​​​​​​​​
School-Based Mental Health Services Navigating the Journey

Volusia County Schools has an agreement with five community  mental health agencies (Halifax Behavioral Services, Devereux, ADAPT Behavioral Services, Children’s Home Society, and Chrysalis Health)
to provide mental health services to our students who are at risk of severe emotional disturbance.  SBMHS include a broad spectrum of assessment, prevention, intervention, postvention, counseling, consultation, and referral activity and services.  These services are essential to a school’s ability to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for all students. 

In VCS, majority of the school-based mental services are provided by the school-employed school social workers, school counselors & school psychologists who are trained in school system functioning and learning as well as mental health. 
We also have our school health nurses and behavioral specialists and other ESE/SS staff and administrative teams who are part of our team.  Altogether with our community partners, we focus on our student’s health and wellness and on how students’ behavior and mental health impacts their ability to learn and be successful in school. 


Halifax Behavioral Services

Halifax Behavioral Descriptor​​
Halifax Behavioral Services Consent for Outp​atient Services


Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

Devereux Outpatient Services Overview
Devereux Outpatient Services Referral Form


ADAPT Brochure
ADAPT Behavioral Services Referral Process
ADAPT Consent Form
ADAPT Referral Form

Children's Home Society

Children's Home Society Descriptor
Children's Home Society Referral Process for Schools
Children's Home Society Referral form
Children's Home Society Authorization to Release Confidential Information
Children's Home Society Insurance document



Chrysalis Descriptor​ 

Chrysalis Volusia Flagler ​ Referral, Consent and Locations Form​

Chrysalis Case Managment Overview

Chrysalis Accepted Insurances​​​



VCS Outlook Web Access
VCS Staff Applications