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    • School Social Services Procedures Manual

    Top 10 Reasons for Being a Social Worker

     10. Help people
      9. Do what counts
      8. Practice your principles
      7. Foster success stories
      6. Match wits with life's challenges
      5. Change the future
      4. Make the world a better place
      3. Satisfaction guaranteed
      2. World-class peers
      1. Career of CHAMPIONS!
    from the National Association of Social Workers

    School Social Services Procedures Manual

    The practice of school social work has existed in the State of Florida since approximately 1919 when the Florida Legislature created the position of "attendance officer." The attendance officer position was created in response to the recognition that there was a need to have district level employees to enforce the compulsory school attendance law. The newly created position of attendance officer was initially used exclusively for the purpose of enforcing the compulsory school attendance law; however, it soon became evident that we could not improve attendance without dealing with the underlying issues that all too often hinder a child's ability to attend school regularly. With this knowledge, the role of the attendance officer soon began to evolve into one in which social issues were addressed and more emphasis was placed on resolving those issues. What began as an attendance officer with emphasis on corralling truant students has now become a social worker whose goal is to work with the entire family in an effort to resolve those issues that lead to truant behavior and other factors interfering with school success. Resolving such issues requires knowledge, expertise, commitment, and guidelines that set a standard for professional growth, behavior, and conduct.
    The Volusia County School Social Services Procedures Manual has been developed as a means of providing guidance to those professionals who have been charged with the responsibility of working with our most vulnerable students. These guidelines are deeply rooted in the standards and code of ethics set forth by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), the Florida Association of School Social Workers (FASSW), the district goals set by the Volusia County School District, and by the values and beliefs of our past and current school social workers and department leaders.
    Special thanks to the following staff members who gave of their time in making and revising this manual:
                                         Martha Aldrich (retired)                            Susan Kicklighter (retired)
                                         Jean Barnes (former staff member)        Jamie Majors
                                         Pamela Beckles                                       Burner Roberts
                                         Louise Booth                                            Jeanette Simowski (retired)
                                         Dr. Benita T. Brown (retired)                    Judy Soto (retired)
                                         Melissa Burke-Jackson                            Hazel Stewart (retired)
                                         Lissette Fernandez-Medina                     Kerri Thompson
                                         Gerald Kersenbrock (retired)                   Pam Woods
                         Francene Barnes, Project Chair (retired)      Dianne Martin-Morgan, Co-Chair 
                          Dr. Mev Waskiewicz, School Social Services Coordinator (1987-2005) (retired)
                             Dianne Martin-Morgan, School Social Services Coordinator (2005-present)
    An extra measure of thanks goes to Hazel Stewart, Jamie Majors, and Dianne Martin-Morgan
    who spent countless hours of  their personal time putting this manual together.
    Compiled by the Volusia County School Social Workers
    October 17, 2003 Updated August 2016
     4-Job Description
     5-Safety Issues
     6-Record Management
     7-Social Work Referrals

     8-Problem Solving Team
     9-Social and Developmental History
    10-Exceptional Student Education
    11-School Enrollment and Registration
    13-Pediculosis Control
    14-Driver License
    15-Learnfare Program
    16-Case Management Services
    17-McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Assistance Act
    18-Home Education
    19-Supported Programs - Services
    20-Child Abuse
    21-Baker Act
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