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Driving Safe

​Teen Website Promoting Safe Driving​

Car crashes continue to be the number one killer of teens in the United States. Every year, more than 6,000 teens die in traffic crashes, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.
In Florida, car crashes are the leading cause of teen deaths, accounting for more than one-third of all teens who died last year. In 2007, more than 479 people were killed in a teen driving accident and more than 36,000 teen drivers were involved in crashes. Since teens are more likely to get into traffic crashes than any other group of drivers, more must be done to reach this age group.
The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers information for parents on how to teach their teens to drive with care.
The Florida Legislature enacted requirements that schools report to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) the names, birth dates, gender, and social security numbers of minors who attain the age of 14 and accumulate 15 unexcused absences in a period of 90 calendar days. The legislation further provides that those students who fail to satisfy attendance requirements will be ineligible to maintain or obtain driving privileges.
Pursuant to Section 322.091, Florida Statutes, a minor is not eligible for driving privileges unless that minor
• Is enrolled in public school, nonpublic school, or a home education program and satisfies relevant attendance 
  requirements; or
• Has received a high school diploma, high school equivalency diploma, special diploma, or certificate of high school
  completion; or
• Is enrolled in a study course in preparation for the Test of General Educational Development and satisfies relevant
  attendance requirements; or
• Is enrolled in other educational activities approved by the district school board and satisfies relevant attendance
  requirements; or
• Has been issued a certificate of exemption according to Section 1003.21(3),Florida Statutes; or
• Has received a hardship waiver, pursuant to Section 322.091, Florida Statutes. 

For more information, refer to the 2017-2018 Driver's License Attendance Manual, the current Driver's License Schools Contacts​ and Like to Drive? Then Stay in School
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