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Program Contacts

​​​​​MOU ​TITLE                                                                            ​CONTACT                   
​2 ​Expand CTE Programs Kelly Amy
​3 ​Increase Advanced STEM Courses Dr. Kathryn Dyer
​4 ​Technology for Instruction and Assessment Dr. Don Boulware
​5 ​Improve Access to State Data Dr. Don Boulware
​6 ​Use Data to Improve Instruction Dr. Alicia Parker
​7 ​Provide Support for Education Preparation Dana Paige Pender
​8 ​Improve Teacher and Leader Evaluation Dana Paige Pender
​9 ​Use Data Effectively for HR Decision-Making ​Dana Paige Pender​
​10 ​Focus on Effective Professional Development Dr. Karen Beattie
​14 ​Project Management and Evaluation James Tager
​Project Coordination Chris Yahn



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