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Storage and Destruction


Fill out a Records Storage Transmittal form. List each record series title on the transmittal form. If two or more record series titles are filed together in one box, the box must be kept through the longest retention period. 

Please do not wrap boxes in any kind of tape, please use the red security ties, or zip ties.

All boxes must have the school name on them.

Use only designated Volusia County Schools "Records Storage" boxes (warehouse order no. 33701). If they are not in the proper boxes, they may be returned to you.  

Records must be filed in the box in alphabetical, chronological or numerical order. Pack records loosely in boxes horizontally or vertically not to exceed 30 lb. (lift to waist comfortably).

Complete the "records storage transmittal form" and send it to Archives and Records Management for authorization to send records.  Fill in the pre-printed label on box (department, contents, disposition of records, date of records, beginning & ending record).  

Archives and Records Management will initiate a "Records Pick Up Authorization" authorizing the Warehouse to pick up boxes with a copy to the school/department. Once you have received authorization to send records. Hold boxes in the mail room for pick up by the Warehouse.    


Please have at least 20 to 25 boxes for destruction.

Please nominate one person for destruction, they will send all Records Destruction Certificates to Archives.

Use the General Records Retention Schedule to locate the records series title and the retention period.

Destroy only those records listed in the General Records Retention Schedule, If a record series is not listed, Please contact Archives & Records for assistance.

Duplicate records do not have a retention period and can be destroyed at any time.

Send the signed original Records Destruction Compliance Certificate to Archives and Records Management.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Teresa Skipper Ext. 20430​ 

Retention Schedules​

Records Retention GS1-SL.pdf

Records Retention GS7.pdf

Storage Instructions.pdf

Records Storage Transmittal 2018.pdf

Records Destruction Compliance Certificate.pdf



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