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​​​​Process and Procedure

The purpose of this page is to standardize a formal process and procedure for Schools to order specific, stocked student uniform items from the District Warehouse.

For any other uniform needs (i.e. Club shirts, etc.), the Schools may contact Purchasing, Attn: Buyer, Kendra Meeks at (386) 947-8786 ext. 50761 or email for further information.​

It is acceptable for schools to have local sources as their preferred vendors for custom-made uniforms (like band or cheerleading uniforms), which were not offered by the awarded vendors or were outside of the scope of the original bid.

School purchasing cards may be utilized for small purchases of less than $1,000.00 with local uniform sources.

Awarded Uniform Vendors:

Vendor Contact Information: Uniform Vendor POC

Campus Advisor Polo Shirts & Jackets

To order shirts and jackets for School Campus Advisors: please submit the following form to the Purchasing Department.

Campus Advisor Uniform Order Form

For questions regarding your order please contact Lynn Stockman, email: ​

SAFE District Warehouse Uniform Allocation


  • VCS – Volusia County Schools
  • Smart Stream – Current ERP software and requisition system utilized by VCS
  • PO – Purchase Order
  • Uniform – Specifically relates to purchased and stocked black, grey and white polo shirts for K-12 student use only. Part of the Students Attired for Education (SAFE) incentive funds for uniform needs to economically disadvantaged students to encourage full participation in the district-adopted dress code
  • Requestor – Individuals designated by schools to submit uniform requests (principals or guidance directors).

Preliminary Requirements

  1. Each school has a maximum dollar allocation for student uniforms as designated by Finance.
  2. Only individuals designated by the primary point of contact may submit warehouse requests using the order form designated for this purpose.
  3. Schools will coordinate with the primary point of contact or designated staff for ordering approval.

More Information

Product Offerings

Images of the products can be found on the Warehouse Shopping Cart under the category Uniforms: Student. Pictures are available here.

  • Short-sleeved polo shirts
    • Colors: Black, white* or grey
    • Kids Sizes: Small through Large
    • Adult Sizes: Small through 3XL**
  • Long-sleeved polo shirts
    • Colors: Black, white* or grey
    • Kids Sizes: Small through Large
    • Adult Sizes: Small through 3XL**

* Limited quantities available for white and all plus sizes (adult: XL - 3XL).

** Plus sizes only available for adult.

Primary Points of Contact & Responsibilities


Dr. Amy Hall
Coordinator, Student and Government Relations
200 North Clara Ave, DeLand, FL
Phone: 386-255-6475 ext. 20658
Email Address:

Amy Hall will monitor the allocations/expenditures associated with the grant.

Designated Staff

Terry Osteen
Phone: 386-734-7190 ext. 20677
Email Address:​


  1. Requestors shall complete the Uniform Grant Request Worksheet and email it to the primary point of contact (Dr. Amy Hall).
  2. The primary point of contact will approve/disapprove based on approved budget amount per school.
  3. The primary point of contact or designated staff may then use the Warehouse Shopping Cart under the Uniform: Student category to find the desired uniform type, size, sleeve length and color.
    • Note: A single, specific account string has been assigned for all student uniform requests.

Process Flow

Process Flow 

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VCS Staff Applications