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P-Card Services

​​​​​P-Card Purpose

The Volusia County Schools' (VCS) Purchasing Card Program is designed to efficiently purchase goods and/or services from any vendor that accepts the VISA credit card. 

Policies and Procedures

The P-Card manual will provide guidance on the proper use of the VCS Purchasing Card as an efficient supplement to purchase orders and to ensure that all charges made with the purchasing card are done so in accordance with school board policy and are for authorized district use only.  Policies and procedures apply to all employees authorized to use either a district or internal accounts purchasing card (individual cards and/or site cards).​  

For further information regarding P-Card policies and procedures, please review the VCSB P-Card Manual.

Purchasing Card Manual​

Spending Limits

The principal/department head will set a single purchase limit and a monthly spending limit when requesting a purchasing card for an employee.  Purchasing guidelines set the recommended maximum limit at:

  • $1,000 for a single purchase
  • $10,000 for a monthly spend

The guidelines allow for increases above the recommended maximum limits to accommodate special purchases that otherwise do not violate School Board purchasing policies.  A purchase may be made of multiple items, but the invoice total cannot exceed the cardholder's single purchase limit.  Transactions shall not be split to circumvent the singe transaction limit.

Sales Tax

The School District of Volusia County's purchases are generally exempt from State sales tax.  In order to make taxfree purchases the School District of Volusia County Consumer's Certificate of Exemption should be furnished to the vendor at the time of purchase.  The applicable tax exemption number is printed on the purchasing card.  ​​

Helpful Forms​

Questionable Purchases Form: This form is to be used for reporting any questionable purchases made by cardholders to the Principal / Department Head. (This form does not have to be returned to Purchasing.)

​​​​Purchasing Card Questionable Purchases

​​​​​​​Purchasing Card Disputes Form: If you believe a transaction charged on your card is in error: make a copy of the statement, then complete & sign this form, and return to the Purchasing Department. Disputes must be resolved within 60 days.

Purchasing Card Dispute Form

Purchasing Cardholder Maintenance Form: To cancel or change Cardholder information on an existing Purchasing Card, complete this form in its entirety and return to the Purchasing Department.

Purchasing Cardholder Maintenance

Request for New Purchasing Card: To apply for a Purchasing Card, complete this form in its entirety and return to the Purchasing Department.

Request for new Purchasing Card

Please return all applicable forms to the Purchasing Department, Attn: Gary Hopkins,  or Jeannie Beck,​

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