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P-Card Services

All requests, concerns or questions, regarding P-card services should be directed to the Purchasing Department, Attn:

Should you experience a discrepancy or issue regarding your P-card which requires immediate assistance, please contact:

Policies and Procedures

The P-card manual will provide guidance on the proper use of the VCS Purchasing Card as an efficient supplement to purchase orders and to ensure that all charges made with the purchasing card are done so in accordance with school board policy and are for authorized district use only.  Policies and procedures apply to all employees authorized to use either a district or internal accounts purchasing card (individual cards and/or site cards).  

For further information regarding P card policies and procedures, please review the VCSB P-card Manual.

Sales Tax

The School District of Volusia County's purchases are generally exempt from State sales tax.  In order to make tax free purchases the School District of Volusia County Consumer's Certificate of Exemption should be furnished to the vendor at the time of purchase.  The applicable tax exemption number is printed on the front of the purchasing card.  

Bank Statements 

When requesting a bank statement, please send an email to​, with the following information.  A request will be sent to BOA and the document will be provided once received by the bank.

  • Full Card Embossed Name 
  • Last four digits of the card number 

P-card User Guide 

The P-card User Guide is a quick reference guide which provides a basic overview of p-card management.

Global Card Access Guides

Electronic Form Submission 

All p-card request forms are ELECTRONIC forms which should be submitted electronically (via email in pdf form).  One form will be needed for each request.  All forms require the use of Digital ID's/Signatures.  Each form may be required to be downloaded to your desktop in order to allow for use of electronic signature fields.  

If you are unable to create a digital ID for any reason, please contact the IT department for further assistance.  Digital ID's will be required in accordance with district p-card polcies and procedures.  Requests will not be able to be executed, if not submitted appropriately. 

For assistance with creating a Digital ID/Signature, visit the following links:


Helpful Forms

Purchasing Card Dispute Form:

Purchasing Card Cancellation Form:
Purchasing Spending Limit Increase Form:
  • This is an internal form and may be used to report questionable purchases to the Prinicpal/Department Head
  • This form does not need to be sent to the Purchasing department
  • P-card Questionable Purchases
Purchase Request Form:
P-card Maintenance and Balance Log:
District Trainings/Training Videos
Bank of America Authorization Log Training Video:
  • This video may be used to learn how to find and use the "Bank of America Authorization Log"
  • Viewing the presentation in "Slide Show" view will play the training video on slide 3 automatically
  • ​​If you do not view the presentation in "Slide Show" view, you may press the play button in the lower left hand corner of the screen on slide 3 
  • BOA Works Training Video - Authorization Log
District Wide P-Card Training:
  • This presentation contains all information provided during our district wide p-card training 
  • ​This presentation may be used as a valuable resource for the required "Reconciler Training"
  • ​​​P-card Reconciler Training
Please return all applicable forms to the Purchasing Department, Attn:
VCS Outlook Web Access
VCS Staff Applications