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Commodities by Buyer


Advertising, Newspaper, PublicationsKendra Meeks
Agriculture Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
Air Conditioning Equipment & SuppliesBrian Clem
Appliances, Large/Small (Household Type)Michelle Black
Armored Car Services, Money Pick-UpMichelle Black
Art Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
Athletic Field MaintenanceBrian Clem
Auctioneering ServicesLaura Daulton
Automobile, Batteries, All TypesBrian Clem
Automobile, Engines, All, PurchasedBrian Clem
Automobile, Purchase/Lease/RentalsBrian Clem
Automotive, Engines, Rebuilt, All TypesBrian Clem
Automotive, Glass, All TypesBrian Clem
Automotive, Lifts & Ramps, Tailgates, PoweredBrian Clem
Automotive, Oils & FluidsBrian Clem
Automotive, Painting, Body Repairs & SuppliesBrian Clem
Automotive, Parts & Supplies, All TypesBrian Clem
Automotive, Tires, All Types, Service & EquipmentBrian Clem
Automotive, Upholstery Services & SuppliesBrian Clem
Automotive, Towing ServicesBrian Clem
Automotive, Washing Equipment & Parts CleanerBrian Clem
AV EquipmentLaura Daulton
Awards & Recognition ItemsKendra Meeks
Awnings, All TypesBrian Clem
Bar Code EquipmentKendra Meeks
BatteriesBrian Clem
Bleacher RepairBrian Clem
BleachersBrian Clem
Books, GeneralKendra Meeks
Buildings, Pre-EngineeredBrian Clem
Cafeteria Hood CleaningMichelle Black
CalculatorsLaura Daulton
Carpentry & Building SuppliesBrian Clem
Carpet, Flooring Installation & SuppliesBrian Clem
Child Care, Accessories & EquipmentKendra Meeks
Classroom Supplies (Warehouse)Cassie Nazario
Classroom Supplies GeneralKendra Meeks
Clinic Equipment, Supplies & KitsKendra Meeks
Communication Systems, IntegratedBrian Clem
Computer, PC Repair & MaintenanceLaura Daulton
Computer, Peripherals, Accessories & SuppliesLaura Daulton
Computer, Printers, All TypesLaura Daulton
Computer, SoftwareLaura Daulton
Construction Services (Backup Laura Daulton)Brian Clem
Consultant Services, FinancialLaura Daulton
Consultant Services, GeneralLaura Daulton
Copier Equipment, Service & SuppliesLaura Daulton
Custodial Equipment & SuppliesBrian Clem
Custodial Services/ManagementBrian Clem
Dirt, Rock, Sand & ShellBrian Clem
Drafting Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
Drivers Education, Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
Electrical Equipment & SuppliesLynn Stockman
Elevators, Parts Maintenance, InstallationLynn Stockman
Employment Services, TemporaryLaura Daulton
Fencing Materials & InstallationLynn Stockman
Fertilizers & PesticidesLynn Stockman
Financial Services, Purchasing CardsMichelle Black
Fire Alarms, Equipment & ServicesBrian Clem
Fire Extinguishers & MaintenanceBrian Clem
Fire Sprinkler/Hydrant Systems Main/Repair/InspBrian Clem
Flags, Poles & AccessoriesBrian Clem
Food - BeveragesMichelle Black
Food- Bakery ProductsMichelle Black
Food- Beverages, Coffee Products, Supplies/EquipmentMichelle Black
Food- Snack ProductsMichelle Black
Food-Beverages, FountainMichelle Black
Food-Cafeteria Paper Products Michelle Black
Food-Dairy Products (Milk, Cottage Cheese)Michelle Black
Food-Food ProductsMichelle Black
Food-Fresh ProduceMichelle Black
Food-Frozen SpecialtiesMichelle Black
Food-Kitchen Equipment, Deterg/Cleaning SuppliesMichelle Black
Food-Kitchen Equipment, Large, Serving LinesMichelle Black
Food-Kitchen Equipment, SmallwaresMichelle Black
Food-Vending Machine ServicesMichelle Black
Fuel, Diesel/GasolineBrian Clem
Fuel, Gas, LP, PropaneBrian Clem
Furniture, Administration/OfficeKendra Meeks
Furniture, Cafeteria Tables & BoothsKendra Meeks
Furniture, ClassroomKendra Meeks
Furniture, Storage/File Cabinets, All TypesKendra Meeks
General Contracting Services (back-up)Laura Daulton
Generators, Service & SuppliesBrian Clem
Golf Carts, Supplies & ServiceBrian Clem
Graphic Arts Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
Grounds Maintenance & SuppliesBrian Clem
Hardware, General SuppliesBrian Clem
Health Care Equipment & Supplies-Special NeedsKendra Meeks
Health Care Services, ProfessionalKendra Meeks
Home Ec, Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
Horticulture Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
HVAC Water Treatment ServicesBrian Clem
Ice Machines, Parts/AccessoriesMichelle Black
Identification Systems/Supplies, PhotoLaura Daulton
Insurance, GeneralLaura Daulton
Laminating Presses & SuppliesKendra Meeks
Lamps, Bulbs, Flourescent LightsBrian Clem
Language Labs, All TypesKendra Meeks
Lawn Equipment & SuppliesBrian Clem
Library SuppliesKendra Meeks
Lifts, Hoists, Buckets, Hydraulic, All TypesBrian Clem
Locks, Parts & ServiceBrian Clem
Lumber, Plywood, Panerling, etc.Brian Clem
Maps, Globes, ChartsKendra Meeks
Materials Handling Equipment, Maint/Service/SuppliesBrian Clem
Mats, Entrance, All TypesBrian Clem
Moving & Storage ServicesMichelle Black
Music SystemsKendra Meeks
Musical Instruments, RepairKendra Meeks
Musical Instruments, Supplies & AccessoriesKendra Meeks
Office Equipment & AccessoriesKendra Meeks
Office Equipment Maintenance & RepairsBrian Clem
Office Supplies, General (Not Machines)Kendra Meeks
Paint & Paint SuppliesLynn Stockman
Painting ServicesLynn Stockman
Paper, Classroom & OfficeCassie Nazario
Park Equipment & SuppliesBrian Clem
Periodicals, Magazine, Newspaper SubscriptionsKendra Meeks
Pest Control ServicesPlumbing SuppliesBrian Clem
Photo/Darkroom Equipment Supplies & ServiceKendra Meeks
Physical Ed. & Fitness EquipmentKendra Meeks
Pianos, Keyboards & ServiceKendra Meeks
Playground EquipmentBrian Clem
Postage, Shipping, Meters, PO Box RentalsDana Thyhsen
Printing, All TypesLaura Daulton
Radios, 2-way, Por/Mobile/Stationary, Maint & PartsBrian Clem
Rentals, All- EXCEPT Vehicles & UniformsBrian Clem
Roofing Maintenance, Repair & InstallationBrian Clem
Safety Devices & EquipmentBrian Clem
Sale of Surplus Items-Computer EquipmentLaura Daulton
Sale of Surplus Items-Kitchen EquipmentLaura Daulton
Sale of Surplus Items-Misc.Laura Daulton
Sale of Surplus Items-Vechicle, Except BusesLaura Daulton
Sale of Surplus Items-Yard EquipmentLaura Daulton
Science Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
Security Services, Contracts & DevicesBrian Clem
Speech/Hearing Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
Sporting & Athletic Events, Prof. ServicesKendra Meeks
Sporting & Athletic Scoreboards (Sports)Kendra Meeks
Summer School SuppliesKendra Meeks
Teaching AidsKendra Meeks
Testing Materials & Equipment, StudentKendra Meeks
Theatre Curtains, DropsBrian Clem
Therapy ServicesKendra Meeks
Tie-DownsBrian Clem
Toner, Printers, SuppliesLaura Daulton
Tools, Hand/Power, & SuppliesBrian Clem
Trailers, All TypesBrian Clem
Trash Removal, Sludge CollectionBrian Clem
Uniforms, Band, ROTC & AccessoriesKendra Meeks
Uniforms, Employee, PurchasedKendra Meeks
Uniforms, Employee, RentalKendra Meeks
Video EquipmentLaura Daulton
Water & Wastewater MaintenanceBrian Clem
Window Covering, Curtains, Drapes, BlindsBrian Clem

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