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    • Commodities by Buyer


    (386) 734-7190
    EXTENSION 20575​

    Advertising, Newspaper, PublicationsBrian Clem
    Agriculture Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Air Conditioning Equipment & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Appliances, Large/Small (Household Type)Michelle Black
    Armored Car Services, Money Pick-UpMichelle Black
    Art Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Athletic Field MaintenanceBrian Clem
    Auctioneering ServicesLaura Daulton
    Automobile, Batteries, All TypesBrian Clem
    Automobile, Engines, All, PurchasedBrian Clem
    Automobile, Purchase/Lease/RentalsBrian Clem
    Automotive, Engines, Rebuilt, All TypesBrian Clem
    Automotive, Glass, All TypesBrian Clem
    Automotive, Lifts & Ramps, Tailgates, PoweredBrian Clem
    Automotive, Oiles & FluidsBrian Clem
    Automotive, Painting, Body Repairs & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Automotive, Parts & Supplies, All TypesBrian Clem
    Automotive, Tires, All Types, Service & EquipmentBrian Clem
    Automotive, Upholstery Services & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Automotive, Vehile Towing ServicesBrian Clem
    Automotive, Washing Equipment & Parts CleanerBrian Clem
    AV EquipmentLaura Daulton
    Awards & Recognition ItemsKendra Meeks
    Awnings, All TypesBrian Clem
    Bar Code EquipmentKendra Meeks
    Batteries, Gen. Purpose, Rechargeable, Not AutoBrian Clem
    Bleacher RepairBrian Clem
    Bleachers, GranstandsBrian Clem
    Books, GeneralKendra Meeks
    BuildingsBrian Clem
    Cafeteria Hood CleaningMichelle Black
    CalculatorsLaura Daulton
    Carpentry & Building SuppliesBrian Clem
    Carpet, Flooring Installation & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Child Care, Accessories & EquipmentKendra Meeks
    Classroom Supplies (Warehouse)Gary Hopkins
    Classroom Supplies GeneralGary Hopkins
    Clinic Equipment, Supplies & KitsKendra Meeks
    Communication Systems, IntegratedBrian Clem
    Computer, PC Repair & MaintenanceLaura Daulton
    Computer, Peripherals, Accessories & SuppliesLaura Daulton
    Computer, Printers, All TypesLaura Daulton
    Computer, SoftwareLaura Daulton
    Construction Services (Backup Laura Daulton)Brian Clem
    Consultant Services, FinancialLaura Daulton
    Consultant Services, GeneralLaura Daulton
    Copier Equipment, Service & SuppliesGary Hopkins
    Custodial Equipment & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Custodial Services/ManagementBrian Clem
    Dirt, Rock, Sand & ShellBrian Clem
    Drafting Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Drivers Education, Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Electrical Equipment & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Elevators, Parts Maintenance, InstallationBrian Clem
    Employment Services, TemporaryLaura Daulton
    Fencing Materials & InstallationBrian Clem
    Fertilizers & PesticidesBrian Clem
    Financial Services, Purchasing CardsMichelle Black
    Fire Alarms, Equipment & ServicesBrian Clem
    Fire Extinguishers & MaintenanceBrian Clem
    Fire Sprinkler/Hydrant Systems Main/Repair/InspBrian Clem
    Flags, Poles & AccessoriesBrian Clem
    Food - BeveragesMichelle Black
    Food- Bakery ProductsMichelle Black
    Food- Beverages, Coffee Products, Supplies/EquipmentMichelle Black
    Food- Snack ProductsMichelle Black
    Food-Beverages, FountainMichelle Black
    Food-Cafeteria Paper Products Michelle Black
    Food-Dairy Products (Milk, Cottage Cheese)Michelle Black
    Food-Food ProductsMichelle Black
    Food-Fresh ProduceMichelle Black
    Food-Frozen SpecialtiesMichelle Black
    Food-Kitchen Equipment, Deterg/Cleaning SuppliesMichelle Black
    Food-Kitchen Equipment, Large, Serving LinesMichelle Black
    Food-Kitchen Equipment, SmallwaresMichelle Black
    Food-Vending Machine ServicesMichelle Black
    Fuel, Diesel/GasolineBrian Clem
    Fuel, Gas, LP, PropaneBrian Clem
    Furniture, Administration/OfficeKendra Meeks
    Furniture, Cafeteria Tables & BoothsKendra Meeks
    Furniture, ClassroomKendra Meeks
    Furniture, Storage/File Cabinets, All TypesKendra Meeks
    General Contracting Services (back-up)Laura Daulton
    Generators, Service & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Golf Carts, Supplies & ServiceBrian Clem
    Graphic Arts Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Grounds Maintenance & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Hardware, General SuppliesBrian Clem
    Health Care Equipment & Supplies-Special NeedsKendra Meeks
    Health Care Services, ProfessionalKendra Meeks
    Home Ec, Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Horticulture Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
    HVAC Water Treatment ServicesBrian Clem
    Ice Machines, Parts/AccessoriesMichelle Black
    Identification Systems/Supplies, PhotoLaura Daulton
    Insurance, GeneralLaura Daulton
    Laminating Presses & SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Lamps, Bulbs, Flourescent LightsBrian Clem
    Language Labs, All TypesKendra Meeks
    Lawn Equipment & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Library SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Lifts, Hoists, Buckets, Hydraulic, All TypesBrian Clem
    Locks, Parts & ServiceBrian Clem
    Lumber, Plywood, Panerling, etc.Brian Clem
    Maps, Globes, ChartsKendra Meeks
    Materials Handling Equipment, Maint/Service/SuppliesBrian Clem
    Mats, Entrance, All TypesBrian Clem
    Moving & Storage ServiceGary Hopkins
    Music SystemsKendra Meeks
    Musical Instruments, RepairKendra Meeks
    Musical Instruments, Supplies & AccessoriesKendra Meeks
    Office Equipment & AccessoriesGary Hopkins
    Office Equipment Maintenance & RepairsGary Hopkins
    Office Supplies, General (Not Machines)Gary Hopkins
    Paint & Paint SuppliesBrian Clem
    Painting ServicesBrian Clem
    Paper, Classroom & OfficeGary Hopkins
    Park Equipment & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Periodicals, Magazine, Newspaper SubscriptionsKendra Meeks
    Pest Control ServicesPlumbing SuppliesBrian Clem
    Photo/Darkroom Equipment Supplies & ServiceKendra Meeks
    Physical Ed. & Fitness EquipmentKendra Meeks
    Pianos, Keyboards & ServiceKendra Meeks
    Playground EquipmentBrian Clem
    Postage, Shipping, Meters, PO Box RentalsGary Hopkins
    Printing, All TypesGary Hopkins
    Radios, 2-way, Por/Mobile/Stationary, Maint & PartsBrian Clem
    Rentals, All- EXCEPT Vehicles & UniformsBrian Clem
    Roofing Maintenance, Repair & InstallationBrian Clem
    Safety Devices & EquipmentBrian Clem
    Sale of Surplus Items-Computer EquipmentLaura Daulton
    Sale of Surplus Items-Kitchen EquipmentLaura Daulton
    Sale of Surplus Items-Misc.Laura Daulton
    Sale of Surplus Items-Vechicle, Except BusesLaura Daulton
    Sale of Surplus Items-Yard EquipmentLaura Daulton
    Science Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Security Services, Contracts & DevicesBrian Clem
    Speech/Hearing Equipment & SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Sporting & Athletic Events, Prof. ServicesKendra Meeks
    Sporting & Athletic Scoreboards (Sports)Kendra Meeks
    Summer School SuppliesKendra Meeks
    Teaching AidsKendra Meeks
    Testing Materials & Equipment, StudentKendra Meeks
    Theatre Curtains, DropsBrian Clem
    Therapy ServicesKendra Meeks
    Tie-DownsBrian Clem
    Toner, Printers, SuppliesGary Hopkins
    Tools, Hand/Power, & SuppliesBrian Clem
    Trailers, All TypesBrian Clem
    Trash Removal, Sludge CollectionBrian Clem
    Uniforms, Band, ROTC & AccessoriesKendra Meeks
    Uniforms, Employee, PurchasedKendra Meeks
    Uniforms, Employee, RentalKendra Meeks
    Video EquipmentLaura Daulton
    Water & Wastewater MaintenanceBrian Clem
    Window Covering, Curtains, Drapes, BlindsBrian Clem

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