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Buyer Commodities

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Select first character of key word to locate commodity or service desired:


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Commodity Buyer
Advertisements, Classified Jillian Ragia
Aerial Photography, Facilities Maria Kraft
Agriculture Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Air Conditioning Equipment & Supplies Maria Kraft
Appliances, Large/Small (Household Type) Jillian Ragia
Armored Car Services, Money Pick-up Service Jillian Ragia
Art Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Art Supplies (Warehouse) Gary Hopkins
Athletic Field Maintenance Maria Kraft
Auctioneering Services Jillian Ragia
Audio Tape, All Types Jillian Ragia
Automobile, Purchase/Lease/Rentals Jillian Ragia
Automotive Jillian Ragia
AV Equipment Jillian Ragia
Awards & Recognition Items Jillian Ragia
Awnings Maria Kraft
Bags & Liners Gary Hopkins
Bar Code Equipment Jillian Ragia
Batteries, General Purpose, Rechargeable Gary Hopkins
Bleacher Repair Jillian Ragia
Bleachers, Grandstands Jillian Ragia
Books Jillian Ragia
Buildings, Metal, Wood, Storage Maria Kraft
Cafeteria Hood Cleaning Jillian Ragia
Calculators, Classroom Jillian Ragia
Cameras & Accessories Jillian Ragia
Carpentry & Building Supplies Maria Kraft
Carpet, Flooring Installation & Supplies Maria Kraft
Child Care, Accessories & Equipment Jillian Ragia
Classroom Supplies, General Gary Hopkins
Classroom Supplies, Warehouse Gary Hopkins
Clinic Equipment, Supplies & Kits Jillian Ragia
Computer Diskettes, Warehouse Gary Hopkins
Computers, Equipment, Software, Supplies, etc. Maria Kraft
Consultant Services Maria Kraft
Copiers, Equipment, Supplies, Service Gary Hopkins
Custodial Equipment & Supplies Maria Kraft
Custodial Services Management Maria Kraft
Darkroom Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Dirt, Rock, Sand & Shell Maria Kraft
Drafting Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Drivers Education, Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Drug/Clinical Testing Maria Kraft
Electrical Equipment & Supplies Maria Kraft
Elevators, Parts, Maintenance, Installation Maria Kraft
Employee Assistance Services Maria Kraft
Employment Services, Temporary Jillian Ragia
ESE Service & Supp. (Easter Seals, Devereux, etc.) Maria Kraft
Facilities Construction Services Maria Kraft
Facsimile Equipment & Supplies Maria Kraft
Fees, Child Care, Extended Day, Aftercare Maria Kraft
Fees, Conference/Workshop/School Maria Kraft
Fees, Dues/Memberships, Permits, License, Applications Maria Kraft
Fees, Landfill, Legal Settlements, Tuition, Utility Maria Kraft
Fencing Materials Maria Kraft
Fertilizer & Pesticides Maria Kraft
Financial Services, Purchasing Card Gary Hopkins
Fire Equipment, Alarms, Equipment Maintenance Maria Kraft
Fire Sprinkler/Hydrant Inspection, Maint/Repair Maria Kraft
First Aid Teaching Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Flags, Classroom, Warehouse Gary Hopkins
Flags, Poles & Accessories Gary Hopkins
Food - Food Products, Beverages, Paper Products Jillian Ragia
Food - Fresh Produce Jillian Ragia
Food - Kitchen Equipment, Kitchen Apparel, Vending Jillian Ragia
Fuel, Diesel, Gas & Fuel Island Repair Jillian Ragia
Furniture, Classroom/Office/Cafeteria/Clinic/Library Jillian Ragia
General Contracting Services Maria Kraft
Generators, Service & Supplies Maria Kraft
Golf Carts, Supplies & Service Jillian Ragia
Graphic Arts Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Hardware, General Supplies Maria Kraft
Health Care Equipt & Sup - Special Needs Jillian Ragia
Health Care Services, Professional Jillian Ragia
Home Economics Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Horticulture Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
HVAC Water Treatment Services Maria Kraft
Ice Machines, Parts/Accessories Jillian Ragia
Identification Systems/Supplies, Photo Maria Kraft
Industrial Equipment & Supplies Maria Kraft
Insurance, Automotive/Fleet, General, Student, WC Maria Kraft
Laminating Presses & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Lamps, Bulbs, Fluorescent Lights Maria Kraft
Land Surveying Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Language Labs, All Types Maria Kraft
Lawn & Garden Care, Equipment, Service, Supplies Maria Kraft
Library Supplies Jillian Ragia
Locks, Lock Parts, Locking Systems Gary Hopkins
Lumber, Plywood, Paneling, etc. Maria Kraft
Maps, Map Books, Globes, Charts Jillian Ragia
Materials Handling Equipt, Shelving, & Supp Maria Kraft
Mats, Entrance, All Types Maria Kraft
Moving & Storage Service Gary Hopkins
Music Systems Jillian Ragia
Musical Instruments, Supplies, Repair, Accessories Jillian Ragia
Novelty Items, Printed Jillian Ragia
Office Equipment & Accessories, Maintenance & Repair Gary Hopkins
Office Supplies, General (Not Machines) Gary Hopkins
Packing Equipment & Supplies Gary Hopkins
Paint, Paint Supplies & Services Maria Kraft
Paper, Classroom, Computer, Xerographic Gary Hopkins
PE & Park Equipment Jillian Ragia
Periodicals, Magazines, Newspaper Subscriptions Jillian Ragia
Pest Control Services Maria Kraft
Photo Equipment, Repairs, Service Jillian Ragia
Pianos & Keyboards Jillian Ragia
Plumbing Supplies Maria Kraft
Postage, Shipping, Meters, PO Box Rentals Gary Hopkins
Printing, Equipment, Supplies, Repairs Gary Hopkins
Projectors, Filmstrips, Video Jillian Ragia
Public Address Equipment & Systems Jillian Ragia
Radios, Maintenance & Parts Maria Kraft
Readers, Magnetic Card - Language Masters Jillian Ragia
Recycling of Oil, All Types Jillian Ragia
Rentals, All - EXCEPT Vehicles & Uniforms Jillian Ragia
Roofing - Repair/Installation Maria Kraft
Safety Devices & Equipment Gary Hopkins
Sale of Surplus Items - Computer Equipt. Jillian Ragia
Sale of Surplus Items - Kitchen Equipt. Jillian Ragia
Sale of Surplus Items - Miscellaneous Jillian Ragia
Sale of Surplus Items - Vehicles, Except Buses Jillian Ragia
Sale of Surplus Items - Yard Equipment Jillian Ragia
Science Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Screens, Projection, Wall, Tripod, etc. Jillian Ragia
Security Services, Contracts & Devices Gary Hopkins
Speech/Hearing Equipment & Supplies Jillian Ragia
Sporting & Athletic Equipment, Supplies, Repairs, Services Jillian Ragia
Sprinkler Systems, Lawns & Turf, Parts & Supplies Maria Kraft
Tape Recorders, Players Jillian Ragia
Teaching Aids Jillian Ragia
Teaching Reinforcements, Food or General Merchandise Jillian Ragia
Telephone, Systems, Bills, Equipt., Access., Service & Repairs Maria Kraft
Testing Materials & Equipment, Student Jillian Ragia
Theatre Curtains, Cycloramas, Drops Jillian Ragia
Therapy Services Jillian Ragia
Tie-Downs Maria Kraft
Toner, Printers, Supplies Maria Kraft
Tools, Hand & Power, & Supplies Maria Kraft
Trash Removal, Sludge Collection Maria Kraft
Travel Agencies & Hotel Reservations Maria Kraft
TV, Production Equipment, Wall Mounts & VCR Brackets Jillian Ragia
Typewriter Ribbons Gary Hopkins
Uniforms, Band, Employee, Purchased or Rental Gary Hopkins
Video Cameras, Camcorders, Editing & Reproduction Jillian Ragia
Video Equipment Jillian Ragia
Video Recorders, Players, Accessories & Parts Jillian Ragia
Water & Wastewater Maintenance Maria Kraft
Water Coolers & Supplies Maria Kraft
Welding Equipment, Supplies & Repairs Maria Kraft
Window Covering, Curtains, Drapes, Blinds Maria Kraft
Windows, Parts & Supplies Maria Kraft

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