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    • Transfer of In-service Credits

    Transferring your Inservice Credits to Another Florida School District  

    If you relocate and wish to transfer your inservice credits to another Florida district you must contact the Office of Professional Development and Support to request the transfer. Note - inservice credits can only be transferred to other Florida school districts. They cannot be transferred to another state. Only credits earned during the current certificate validity period will be transferred. The exception will be transferring verification of completion of endorsement coursework or Clinical Education training.

    Transferring your In-service Credits From Another Florida School District to Volusia County  

    If you wish to have inservice credits you earned in another Florida school district transferred to Volusia County you must contact your previous county to request this to be done. The official transfer form should be sent to:

    Alice Partlow, Office Manager
    Professional Development
    Volusia County School District
    P O Box 2118
    DeLand FL 32721-2118

    or by email to


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