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Problem Identification

PLC Essential Question 1 is, "What is it we expect students to learn?" PST Forms 1-3 are designed to aid in the collection of data and facilitate consultation in the pursuit of a well defined problem statement. PST Forms 6 and 6B, in addition to all previous forms, are designed for the Problem Solving Team to use to clearly define the problem. It is important to note that a problem cannot be defined without a declared and accepted expectation.
The problem should be stated in objective, measurable terms as the difference between what is expected and what is observed. In this way, the problem can be defined by developing an equation such as: Expectation - Observation = Problem (E-O=P).
For example, you may be working with a third grade student whose oral reading fluency rate near the end of the year is 58 words correct per minute (wcpm). The expectation at that time is 110 wcpm, thus the expectation - observation equals the problem (110-58= 52). Therefore, the problem is that the student is reading 52 words fewer per minute than what is expected.
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