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School Choice Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Controlled Open Enrollment Plan - School Board Policy 203
Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want my child to attend a school that is not his/her zoned school.  What do I need to ​​do?

You must complete a school choice application​. If your child is already registered with Volusia County Schools, applications are available online through Parent Portal. Simply log into your Parent Portal account and select the tab School Choice Application. Once on the application page, select the student for whom you need the application. A separate application is required for each student. Complete the application per the instructions and hit Submit. You will receive notification through Parent Portal that your application has been submitted. School choice applications are accepted for the upcoming year from March 1 through the last day of the current school year.

​2. I do not have access to ​a computer to do an online application. Do I have another option?

Yes, you may complete a paper application. Paper school choice applications may be obtained at any Volusia County school. Completed applications need to be signed by the principal of the zoned school and the requested school. The school that signs the application last will forward the application to the zoning office for processing and action. School choice applications are accepted for the upcoming year from March 1 through the last day of the current school year.

3. If I attend a school ​​other than my zoned school, can I still ride the bus to school?

Student bus transportation is only guaranteed when the student attends his/her zoned school, and resides outside of the school’s 2-mile walk zone. Parents/legal guardians are responsible for transportation for students attending a choice school, and ensuring their students arrive on time to school​.

4. What determines ​​if a school choice request is approved?

A request is approved if capacity at the requested school ​is available and class size will not be adversely impacted. To see capacity information for all schools, click here

5. My request has ​​​been denied.  Can I appeal?

Though not encouraged, there is an appeal process when a school choice request has been denied. Upon receipt of a denial notification, call the Office of Student Assignment (386-947-8786 extension 50709) to schedule an appeal with the Student Placement Committee. During the summer the Student Placement Committee meets on Wednesdays at 3750 Olson Drive, Daytona Beach.

6. Does my ​student need to be enrolled in Volusia County Schools to apply for school choice?

​Any family may apply for school choice​. It is recommended that the student be registered at his/her zoned school while waiting for a decision on a school choice application. If school is in session, students need to be enrolled and attending school while awaiting a decision.

School Choice Contacts​

​Marian Ridgeway
Phone: 386-947-8786 ext. 50815​
Janice Weil
Phone: 386-947-8786 ext. 50709

Saralee L. Morrissey, Director for Planning
Phone: 386-947-8786 ext. 50772

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