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Request to Enter Volusia County Schools

​1. The variance process begins with the parent/guardian requesting a release from their school district for the student to attend school in Volusia County.

2. The parent/guardian completes an Application to Enter Volusia County Schools. The applications are available at all public schools and at the office of Student Assignments – Zoning.

3. After the application is completely filled out by the parent/guardian, it is the parent’s responsibility to meet with the principal/designee at the requested school for a preentrance interview.

4. The principal/designee will sign the form, indicating whether or not there are personnel and facility resources to accept the student. The school will forward the signed application, along with the release from the resident school district, to the office of Student Assignments – Zoning.

5. The office of Student Assignments – Zoning will send a notification letter to the parent/guardian, the sending school district, and the receiving school after receiving a release notification from the sending school district.

6. Approvals are for the current school year only and must be reapplied for prior to the beginning of each school year.

7. If the request is denied, parent/guardian may request an appeal before the District Student Placement Committee (DSPC). The parent/guardian must contact the office of Student Assignments – Zoning to schedule the time and date for the appeal.

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