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Growth Management

​​​​​​School Concurren​​cy

Legislation enacted by the 2005 Florida Legislature mandates local governments and school boards adopt a school concurrency system. School concurrency ensures coordination between local governments and school boards in planning and permitting developments that affect school capacity. State law in Florida currently mandates certain types of concurrency. These include traffic (roads), potable water, sanitary sewer, drainage, solid waste and parks. School concurrency was added in June 2005 (School Planning Process Flow Chart​) and became effective here February 1, 2008.

School concurrency laws have been enacted to require that new development pay for its share of necessary public school facilities. School concurrency will act as the warning system to the school district of the imminent impact associated with new residential development.

School concurrency and school capacity applications can be mailed to Volusia County Schools, Attn: Eric Kozielski, 3750 Olson Drive, Daytona Beach, FL 32124 or emailed to A response to a completed application should be received within 5-15 working days.

VCSB Planning and Co​ncurrency Application
VCSB Concurrency Fee Schedule

School Concurrency Area Maps

Interlocal Agreement

Interlocal Agreement (ILA) for Public School Facilities Planning

School Planning Charter Amendment

Volusia County voter approval of the School Planning Charter Amendment provides that any county or municipal comprehensive plan amendment or rezoning allowing increased residential density may become effective only if adequate public schools can be timely planned and constructed to serve the projected increase in student population. (School Planning Process Flow Chart). This became effective September 30, 2007.

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