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Physical Education Programs

​​​Elementary Physical Education Program

The elementary school physical education program offers physical education to students 30 minutes a day for 150 minutes a week.  It is taught by either a certified physical education teacher or a person assigned by the school principal.  The following units of instruction or organizing principles are taught as part of the overall physical education curriculum for students in grades K-5:

  • Social Behaviors
  • Basic Locomotors Skills
  • Chasing, Fleeing, and Dodging
  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Balancing
  • Landing
  • Kicking
  • Striking
  • Body Awareness
  • Rhythms
  • Physical Fitness
  • Advocate and Promote Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Sports Foundations for Invasion Games
  • Sports Foundations for Net And Wall Games
  • Sports Foundations for Striking and Fielding Games
  • Foundations for Target Games

 Physical Education Benchmarks and Access Points

Big PE Ideas Elementary Classroom Book

Middle School Physical Education Program

Middle School Physical Education is taught by a certified physical education teacher.  Physical education is offered in grades 6, 7, and 8th grade.  Physical education is taught for 225 minutes a week all year.  In order to participate in middle school physical education students are required to dress out.  The following units of instruction or organizing principles are taught in the middle school: 
  • Physical Fitness
  • Nutrition/Essentials for Physical Fitness
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Rhythmic Movement
  • Strategies/Tactical Approach
  • Social Skill Development
  • Health/Safety Practices

Middle School Physical Education Curriculum Map ​

High School Physical Education Programs

Volusia County Schools has chosen the Personal Fitness/Physical Activity option to fulfill the High School Physical Education graduation requirement. 
Students in high school will take a .5 credit course in Personal Fitness. 
The purpose of this required course is to teach students the importance of maintaining an optimal level of health fitness and how to assess and develop that fitness.  The content will also include knowledge of health problems associated with inadequate fitness levels, knowledge and application of physiological principles of fitness, proper nutrition , stress management, and consumer issues related to physical fitness.  Students will develop individual wellness plans.
Students in high school will also need to take another .5 credit course in a Physical Activity Course.  The Volusia County School District offers 39 activity courses which can be found in the district Program of Studies Manual. Some of the activity courses include: Adaptive Physical Education-IEP, Aerobics, Weight Training, Swimming, Tennis, Golf, Individual and Dual Sports, Team Sports, Wrestling, Recreational and Outdoor Activities, Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Racquetball, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Sports Officiating, and Track and Field.
Senate Bill 2092 updated waiver language for the High School Physical Education graduation requirement.  Implementation of specific waivers depends on which of the Physical Education graduation requirement options the district has chosen.  The Volusia County School District has chosen the Personal Fitness/Physical Education Activity option.  Attached please find the Technical Assistance Paper which includes changes in policy as it relates to Physical Education (PE).

Physical Education Technical Assistance Paper - Legislation Mandates

2007 Technical Assistance Pa​per - PE 

Pre-Kindergarten Program


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