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    • Department Contacts

    Russ Tysinger, Director of Maintenance and Operations, Ext. 50764,

    Ron Young, Assistant Director of Maintenance and Operations, Ext. 50848,

    Dave Biletto, Coordinator, Environmental, Ext. 50779,

    Ken Mitchell, Coordinator, Fire/Health & Safety, Ext. 50851, 

    John Kraft, East Side Maintenance Coordinator, Ext. 50850

    Shawn Capman, West Side Maintenance Coordinator, Ext. 50725

    Ricci Gish, Administrative Secretary (for Russ Tysinger), Ext. 50766,

    Donna Novell (Cole), Office Specialist III (for Ron Young), Ext. 50711,

    Dawn (Belinda) Franke, Office Specialist III (for Dave Biletto), Ext. 50789,

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