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    ​Student Computer Log in Directions

    Technology Services & Innovation has made an important update to how students log in to VCS computers while at school.  Please see the document below for more information on this enhancement.


    Tips for Twitter use

    VCS_Getting Started with Twitter.pdf

    Volusia County Schools is continuing to persue our social media journey and exploration.  Twitter has been an integral part of aiding professional learning opportunities and engagement with content providers and colleagues.  Open and view the attached file for some helpful tips on how to get started with Twitter. 

    • ​​​​Make @VCSLearn2Tech your first followed handle.     

    Classroom Management Suggestions

    Teachers who will use a "cart" of devices (iOS, laptops, netbooks) can download this spreadsheet to assign a specific numbered device to a student so that this device is the same device the student uses each day. This will assist with classroom management because:  
    • Students will have clear expectations.
    • Students will have a systematic way to pick up and drop off their device at the beginning and end of each class.
    • Teachers can keep notes about the quality of the devices to identify potential misuse/abuse of devices.

    Classroom Ma​nagement Spreadsheet  

    Winter Break Checklist for iOS devices (Apple Program Facilitators)

    This is a checklist APFs can use as a guide to prepare the iOS equipment for storage during the Winter Break. 

    End of Year Checklist for iOS devices (Apple Program Facilitators)

    This is a checklist APFs can use as a guide to preparing the iOS equipment for the end of the year and storage during the summer break. 
    Office 365 

    O365 Overview Poster.pdfO365 Overview Poster

    eBook/ePub Example 

    ​Pages and iBook Author provide tools that teachers and students can use to create interactive eBooks (sometimes referred to as ePubs). Please see the example below of an eBook created by Jessica Levene to showcase some of the interactive features of eBooks.
    Directions for downloading this eBook: 
    1. Download the iBooks app for your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Using Safari web-browser on your iPhone or iPad, visit this website and touch the "down arrow" next to the eBook file below.
    3. The eBook will download in a new tab. At the top of the screen will be a menu. Click the option to "Open in iBooks..."
    4. Open iBooks and now you have a copy saved to your device for anywhere, anytime, viewing (even when wireless is not available).​ 

    iPad Sample ePub.ibooks

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