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High School Counseling Services

​​In ninth grade, students begin the transition into planning post secondary education, training and career. By twelfth grade, students are expected to define their post secondary plans.

Self-Management for Lifelong Learning
  • Understand and participate in a school environment.
  • Understand attitudes and behaviors related to academic achievement.   
  • Formulate challenging academic goals and plans to reach them.   
  • Develop effective study skills.  
  • Develop effective time-management skills. ​
Career Planning
  • Apply decision-. making skills to career and educational planning.  
  • Develop skills in career planning.     
  • Understand the continuous changes in male/female roles ​
Self-Knowledge and Self-Acceptance    ​
  • Understand the influence of a positive self-concept. ​
Self-Management and Responsible Behavior   ​
  • Understand the importance of growth and change.     
  • Develop appropriate attitudes and behaviors.   
  • Develop personal safety skills.​
Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills  ​
  • Identify common personal and interpersonal problems.  
  • Apply decision-making/problem-solving skills.​
Interpersonal and Communication Skills​
  • Demonstrate communication skills in speaking, listening, and non-verbal behavior.  
  • Demonstrate skills to interact and work cooperatively in teams.  
  • Identify and express thoughts and feelings.  
  • Demonstrate effective skills for interacting with peers and adults.   
  • Understand the effects of peer pressure.​
Respect and Value Human Diversity​
  • Demonstrate respect and appreciation for individual and cultural differences.    
  • Describe stereotypes and their impact on self and others.
Community Involvement  ​
  • Understand and enhance community.  
  • Develop and participate in community volunteer service projects  
  • Develop a sense of community pride​


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