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    • High School Counseling Services

    In ninth grade, students begin the transition into planning post secondary education, training and career. By twelfth grade, students are expected to define their post secondary plans.

    Self-Management for Lifelong Learning
    • Understand and participate in a school environment.
    • Understand attitudes and behaviors related to academic achievement.   
    • Formulate challenging academic goals and plans to reach them.   
    • Develop effective study skills.  
    • Develop effective time-management skills. ​
    Career Planning
    • Apply decision-. making skills to career and educational planning.  
    • Develop skills in career planning.     
    • Understand the continuous changes in male/female roles ​
    Self-Knowledge and Self-Acceptance    ​
    • Understand the influence of a positive self-concept. ​
    Self-Management and Responsible Behavior   ​
    • Understand the importance of growth and change.     
    • Develop appropriate attitudes and behaviors.   
    • Develop personal safety skills.​
    Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills  ​
    • Identify common personal and interpersonal problems.  
    • Apply decision-making/problem-solving skills.​
    Interpersonal and Communication Skills​
    • Demonstrate communication skills in speaking, listening, and non-verbal behavior.  
    • Demonstrate skills to interact and work cooperatively in teams.  
    • Identify and express thoughts and feelings.  
    • Demonstrate effective skills for interacting with peers and adults.   
    • Understand the effects of peer pressure.​
    Respect and Value Human Diversity​
    • Demonstrate respect and appreciation for individual and cultural differences.    
    • Describe stereotypes and their impact on self and others.
    Community Involvement  ​
    • Understand and enhance community.  
    • Develop and participate in community volunteer service projects  
    • Develop a sense of community pride​


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