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Welcome to Grants Development Services!

​​​​​​​There are literally thousands of grants available for educators and we provide a resource to assist you in finding funding sources that support district initiatives, as well as assistance with your proposal and the application process. 

Required Documents provides you with a one page, step by step overview of the entire application/approval/submission process and a Task Checklist to help you track your progress and ensure everything is completed. 

Tips and Tricks contains guidance for each step of the process from developing an idea for a proposal to finalizing and evaluating your completed project.

The Reference page contains resources for writing grant proposals and a glossary of terms you may need to know.

Funding Opportunities are combined in a searchable/sortable chart so you can sort by category, grantor, due date, etc.

F.A.Q.'s provides answers to some commonly asked questions that may arise.

The Grants Handbook is an easy to use, printable reference book that contains all the information you need to prepare a proposal, complete the approval and application process and manage your project through the funding period.

The Grants Development Department is easy to reach.  Please contact us if you have any questions.​

Resources, Activities and Lesson Plans: ​
​​​​​​Congratulations to our stellar programs! 

A School Improvement Grant at Atlantic High School is being used to implement wall to wall academies. The Teaching Academy partners students studying to continue in an educational career with VPK students:

  • Atlantic Teaching Academy 2.jpeg

Atlantic Teaching Academy.jpeg

TESA Academy Flight Simulator:

Atlantic TESA Academy Flight Simulator.jpeg

​A Summer Reading Adventure Program at Starke Elementary 

School, funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation,

ignited the creativity of their students:

Starke Dollar General Summer Program 2.jpg

Starke Dollar General Summer Program.jpg

Special Needs students at Spruce Creek High grew beautiful gardens, 

funded by a Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grant:

Creek Gardens 2.JPG

Creek Gardens.JPG

Daytona Juvenile Residential Facility​ implemented hydroponic and aquaculture coursework using 

Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education funding and 

have been awarded a second grant for the 1617 year:

G4S Gardens 2.JPG

G4S Gardens.JPG

​​​​​This is a BMX Project at the Westside Night Alive Program 

                               funded by 21st Century Learning                                                                              


​CONGRATULATIONS go out to Media Specialists Brenda Breter at Turie T. Small Elementary, Lisa Bertolami at McInnis Elementary, and Jody Adkins at Friendship Elementary Schools - winners of 2014 Laura Bush Foundation Awards!

​Here is a PowerPoint Presentation of Sally Ramsey's Book A Trip Around the World Project at Pierson Elementary School, funded by the Laura Bush Foundation:  PIERSON Book a Trip Around the World PRESENTATION.pptxPIERSON Book a Trip Around the World PRESENTATION

Turie T. Small's Laura Bush grant Program was quite successful:

​​​​​​​​LB Foundation_Turie T Small_May 2015 (4).jpg​​
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