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Welcome to Grants Development Services!

​​Grants Development Mission Statement

The mission of the Grants Development Office is to support district efforts to increase student achievement by marshaling additional resources through acquisition of grants, monitoring for program compliance and fiscal oversight.

Guiding Principles:

  • Dedication to increased student achievement
  • Commitment to finding solutions to problems
  • ​Mutual respect and positive relationships with all stakeholders​

What we do:

  • Research potential funding sources to ensure adherence with District initiatives
  • Provide technical assistance with planning, review of proposals, and budget development to teachers, schools, or departments during the grant preparation process
  • Secure all required approvals/signatures for application submissions
  • Submit proposals via online applications and/or express shipping​ to grantor agency
  • Develop, review and process DOE budget pages for grant applications
  • Create and process necessary budget or program amendments for grants
  • Provide budget and program oversight to maintain grant compliance
  • Coordinate necessary intermediate and exit grant reports
  • Maintain district files on all board approved grant applications
  • Provide interdepartmental liaison on multi-component grants

Grant funding secured for the 2018-2019 school year:

Name of Grant
Intent of Grant
Awarded Allocation
Department Impacted
​Title IX
​Homeless Services
​$115,000.00​Homeless Liaison
​SEDNET​Provide sevices for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities
​$131,000.00​Exceptional Student Education
​Carl D. Perkins
​Career Technical Education
​Career Technical Education
​School Improvement Grant (Cohort 3)
​School turnaround
​$500,000​Atlantic High School
​Individuals with Disabilities (IDEA)
​Exceptional Student Education services
​$15,167,026.00​Exceptional Student Education
​Exceptional Student Education for Pre-K
​$379,400.00​Exceptional Student Education
​Title III
​English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
​$530,110.00​English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
​Title I, Part A
Increase academic  achievement
​$21,321,209.00​All low socio-economic schools
​Title I, Part C
Services to families who are itinerant
​Title I, Part D
​Neglected Delinquent Youth
​$293,482.00​Neglected and Delinquent
​Title II, Part A
​Enhance the quality of Teaching and Principal Leadership
​$2,207,910.00​All schools
​21st Century Community Learning Centers
​Provide supplemental instruction in addition to the school day
​$94,335.00​Campbell Middle School
​21st Century Community Learning Centers
​Provide supplemental instruction in addition to the school day$330,776.00​​Starke Elementary School
​21st Century Community Learning Centers
​Provide supplemental instruction in addition to the school day​$215,878.00​Turie T. Small Elementary School
​21st Century Community Learning Centers
​Provide supplemental instruction in addition to the school day​$385,387.00​Westside Elementary School
​School Improvement Grant (Cohort 4)
Early Learning Model
​$1,644,691.00​Holly Hill School
​Instructional Leadership and Faculty Development
Professional development for principals and other LEA administrators
​$140,765.00​All leadership staff
​Unified School Improvement Grant
Targeted or Comprehensive Support and Improvement
​$881,742.00​Champion, Palm Terrace, and Westside Elementary Schools
​Title IV
Student Support and Academic Enrichment to provide students access to a well-rounded education, safe and healthy schools, and the use of technology.
​Youth Mental Health Awareness
​Training for mental health support
​Restart Grant
Immediate aid to restart school operations resulting from Hurricane Irma

​​​​​​Congratulations to our stellar programs! 

A School Improvement Grant at Atlantic High School is being used to implement wall to wall academies. The Teaching Academy partners students studying to continue in an educational career with VPK students:

  • Atlantic Teaching Academy 2.jpeg

Atlantic Teaching Academy.jpeg

TESA Academy Flight Simulator:

Atlantic TESA Academy Flight Simulator.jpeg

​A Summer Reading Adventure Program at Starke Elementary 

School, funded by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation,

ignited the creativity of their students:

Starke Dollar General Summer Program 2.jpg

Starke Dollar General Summer Program.jpg

Special Needs students at Spruce Creek High grew beautiful gardens, 

funded by a Lowe's Toolbox for Education Grant:

Creek Gardens 2.JPG

Creek Gardens.JPG

Daytona Juvenile Residential Facility​ implemented hydroponic and aquaculture coursework using 

Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education funding and 

have been awarded a second grant for the 1617 year:

G4S Gardens 2.JPG

G4S Gardens.JPG

​​​​​This is a BMX Project at the Westside Night Alive Program 

                               funded by 21st Century Learning                                                                              


​CONGRATULATIONS go out to Media Specialists Brenda Breter at Turie T. Small Elementary, Lisa Bertolami at McInnis Elementary, and Jody Adkins at Friendship Elementary Schools - winners of 2014 Laura Bush Foundation Awards!

Turie T. Small's Laura Bush grant Program was quite successful:

​​​​​​​​LB Foundation_Turie T Small_May 2015 (4).jpg​​
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