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Easy Reference Information

​​​​​​​Check here for a list of terms you may need to know, resources to use when preparing your proposal, cost functions and objects and rates for budget preparation and a handbook containing all the information you may need to pursue your grant opportunity:

Function and Object Codes with Rate Chart.pdf

Useful Links and Resources for Writing Grants

Education trends and Information: 

E school News - 

Education Week - – To get alerted when news is released – Matches volunteers with needs 

Data and Statistics:  – Data and statistics on children 

General Counsel’s Office- Union Contract, Policies, Statutes - 

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) - 

Florida Department of Education - 

Google Scholar - – Tips on writing grant proposals 

Grant Proposal writing - 

Issue Statements - 

James Madison Institute - 

National Center for Education Statistics -  

Pioneer Institute - ​

​​Sample Size Calculator - – Free survey builder 

US Census Bureau - 

Value of Volunteer Time - 

​Logic/Evaluation Models: 

Harvard Family Research Project - 

Innovation Network - ​ 

University of Wisconsin Extension - 

W.K. Kellogg Foundation -

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VCS Staff Applications