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    • Gifted Program

    ​Who Are The Gifted?

    Florida's Department of Education defines a gifted student as one who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance. Criteria for eligibility for the program includes:
    • Need for special program
    • Demonstration of a majority of characteristics for gifted students according  to a standard scale or checklist.
    • Superior intellectual development as measured by an intelligence quotient of two standard deviations or more above the mean on an individually administered standardized test of intelligence. 

    Cognitive Characteristics:    

    • Unusual retentiveness and the capacity to learn at faster rates; 
    • Advanced comprehension;  ​
    • Unusual capacity to manipulate;  
    • Unusually varied interest and curiosity;  
    • Advanced language development;  
    • Accelerated pace of thought process;  
    • Heightened capacity for seeing unusual and diverse relationships; 
    • Ability to generate original ideas and solutions;  
    • Early ability to generate original ideas and solutions;  
    • Early ability to use and form conceptual frameworks;  
    • Persistent, goal-directed behavior;  
    • Increased ability to find, solve, and act on problem;  
    • Early development of sophisticated thought process (e.g., thinking in alternatives, abstract terms, sensing consequences, making generalizations).

    Affective Characteristics:  

    • Unusual emotional depth and sensitivity; 
    • Unusual sensitivity to expectations and feelings of others;  
    • Keen sense of humor;  
    • Heightened self-awareness accompanied by feelings of being different;  
    • Idealism and strong sense of justice;  
    • Early development of an inner focus of control;
    • Advanced levels of moral judgment.  

    *Adapted from Barbara Clark in Growing Up Gifted

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