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Field Trip Experiences

The Field Trip Manual has a guide that provides a list of approved Elementary Field Trips.

The Florida Agricultural Museum located in Palm Coast provides many educational opportunities.  Specific information and programs are included in the link.

The Museum of Florida Art (Deland)-Volusia County Public Schools and The Museum of Florida Art (Deland) collaborate to celebrate the series of paintings, Legendary Florida, by artist Jackson Walker.  Through the vehicle of interdisciplinary education, students in grades fourth, fifth and eighth can share in the excitement of exploration and discovery of details crafted in each historical painting. The only cost of this field trip is the bus transportation.  If your fourth or fifth grade teachers are interested in attending the Legendary Florida field trip they will need to simply contact Pam Coffman, Curator of Education for the Florida Museum of the Arts, at 386-734-4371. Schools can apply each year to participate in this project.

 Wild About Birds-Each of our birds is non-releasable and has a unique story all their own - about how they survive in the wild, their adaptations, natural habitats, and how wildlife and humans both fit into our natural world.  This program is based in Edgewater, FL.

Disney Nature Production-Disney Nature is pleased to present a new nature movie released on Earth Day called African Cats.  The link below allows you to watch the movie preview and download the curriculum materials.   The curriculum fits our 3rd-5th grade curriculum the best.  Remember predator/prey scenes as well as food chains and a full life cycle is part of this film. 

PLEASE NOTE - Important information on "petting zoos":
While visiting a zoo or farm, students are encouraged to wash their hands frequently.  Students are not allowed to take part in “petting zoos” during a  school field trip on or off campus due to the risk of contracting E-coli infections, Salmonella or being harmed by the animal.   A class may observe an animal show,  but may not feed, pet or hold animals during the field study.  In addition, students are not permitted to stand in the petting zoo area where they are more likely to be contaminated by animal feces which carries E-coli.

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