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    2013-2014 Documents

    Coaches guide 13-14
    13-14 Expectations for New Coaches
    13-14 Expectations for Veteran Coaches

    Documents for Coaches in Elementary

    Title I Elementary PD for Coaches 2014-2015
    Elementary Coaches Expectations 2014-2015
    Outlook Audit Requirements for all Coaches 2014-2015
    Elementary Instructional Coaches List 2014-2015
    Elementary Coaches PowerPoint 2014-2015
    Instructional Math Block   ​
    Coaching ​Menu
    Coaching Menu 2014-​2015
    Coaching Words for Outlook 2014-2015
    Coaching Cycle 1- Elementary  2014-2015
    Coaching Initiative​ 20 14-2015  coaching PD PowerPoint
    2014-2015 Coaching Feedback Form
    CHAMPS feedback form with domains
    Coaching Feedback
    Engagement Coaching Feedback
    FACT Coaching Feedback
    Feedback Form - 10 Components To A Winning Lesson
    Managing Transitions Coaching Feedback
    Motivation Coaching Feedback
    Questioning Coaching Feedback
    Danielson Lesson Plan with Accommodations (needs adaptation)​
    Coaching intiative 11-21 putting plan into acti​on
    Coaching expectations Novem​ber
    3b and 3c poster activity
    Classroom Visits data
    Classroom Visits notes
    Video viewing guide
    Video viewing guide 3​b and 3c


    CSI PD and SEA LAB Follow-Up for Elementary Coaches

    Follow Up for Credits (15 Credits): DUE BY END OF SEPTEMBER 2014

    We will be offering a total of 15 credits for this course if you complete ALL of the following-

    1. Write and teach an iPad Lesson.

    2. Invite your coach into your classroom to observe the lesson and agree to being "video coached".

    3. Write a reflection and describe how using the iPad has changed your practice and/or made you grow/change your thinking.

    4. Email LESSON PLAN and REFLECTION to Nicole Brake.

                 CSI iPad Lessons 2014
                 iPad PD Apptivity Lesson Template
                 CSI 2014 iOS Applications​​

    Documents for Coaches in Secondary

    Outlook Audit Requirements for all Coaches 2014-2015
    Danielson Lesson Plan with Accommodations
    Results-Based Coaching Template fo​r Secondary 2014
    Secondary Expectations

    Coaching with iPads​​

    CHAMPs PD for Coaches

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