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    • Training Write:Outloud

    Write:Outloud 6 Training

    Video tutorials and resources for teachers to learn and use Write:Outloud 6, a talking word processor program with great study tools included.  Volusia County has an unlimited license, with "Take Home" rights for all elementary schools and students.

    Training Materials

    Write:OutLoud Train-In-30

    Write:OutLoud Quick Referrence Guide

    Write:OutLoud Passwords

    Write:OutLoud Writing Accommodations Screening

      Video Tutorials

    WOL 6 - Update on differences with Version 6

    Tutorial 1 - Launching SOLO & Signing-in as a Learner
    Tutorial 2 - Getting Started with Basic Tools
    Tutorial 3 - Auditory supports and Speech settings
    Tutorial 4- Cue misspelling
    Tutorial 5 - Spellcheck, Dictionary, Homonyms
    Tutorial 6 - Working with Pictures
    Tutorial 7 - Changing Pronunciation, Learn button in spellcheck
    Tutorial 8 - Visual Aspects and Voice settings
    Tutorial 9 - Mark for Deletion
    Tutorial 10 - Signing-in as Teacher, Teacher Central
    Tutorial 11 - Creating an assignment in Teacher Central
    Tutorial 12 - Changing Teacher Password & other Tools
    Tutorial 13 - Adding & Removing Students
    Tutorial 14 - Bibliographer & Printing


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