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Resources for Parents/Recursos para los Padres 

Adult ESOL Classes/Clases de Inglés para Adultos

Title III Parent ESOL Classes​

​The ESOL/Title III Department recognizes the need for parents to be able to communicate with their child’s school personnel, at work, and in the community. Consequently, ESOL classes are held at various school locations throughout the district. Our teachers will provide English language classes in order to help our ESOL parents develop communicaiton skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. ​
El departamento de ESOL/Title III reconoce la necesidad de los padres de poder comunicarse con los maestros y administradores en la escuela de su hijo/a, en el trabajo y en la comunidad. Por lo tanto, las clases de ESOL se llevan a cabo en varias escuelas en el districto. Nuestros profesores proporcionarán clases de inglés para ayudar a nuestros padres del Programa ESOL a desarrollar destrezas de comunicación en las areas de escuchar, el habla, la lectura y la escritura.​  ​​

​PLC - Parent Leadership Council

What is the Parent Leadership Council? (PLC)

​Group of parents that are involved and participate in their children's educational programming and academic achievement at each school or at the district level composed in the majority of parents ELL students. The Parent Leadership Council (PLC) is a requirement of the Consent Decree. 

What are the functions of the Parent Leadership Councils (PLC)? ​

This group of parent shall monitor the implementation of the DOE/META Agreement in their school district and ensure the rights and services of the students that are acquiring a second language. 

How do parents achieve a vital role in the PLC purpose? 

​Parents of ELLs shall be provided by their school district with leadership training and ​ orientation to the district's ELL program monitoring and involvement procedures. Parents of ELLs shall be informed of the opportunity to be presented on existing school and district advisory committees. ex: revision of Student Code of Conduct, revision of Dropout programs, and etc. 

​​Councils representing parents of ELLs shall be consulted prior to submission of ELL district plans and Dropout Program Plans to the state.​ 

How can parents organize a PLC in their school?

Parents that will like to help initiate a PLC in their school should contact their ESOL teacher or principal for assistance to meet with other parents. Once the parents meet they must define their roles, representatives and when and where they will meet. An agenda for​ each meeting shall be prepared by the chairperson in consultation with the other members of the Council.

Note: A system of open communication between the council and the school community shall be established. This will entail providing information regarding the work of the Council to teachers and administrators on regular basis to request their input and suggestions.

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