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ESOL Paraprofessionals


The Florida Consent Decree mandates that schools with 15 or more students who speak the same language provide a bilingual paraprofessional proficient in the language of those students.

  • They may only work with students classified "LY".
  • Must only work with ELL students in the areas of: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Computer Literacy
  • May assist with ESOL paperwork and translations after the students have left for the day. If the paraprofessionals translate documents they should be bi-literate.
  • May administer the IPT oral test but not the IPT Reading and Writing. They may assist with proctoring during Florida Standards Assessments and Access 2.0.
  • Should not remove the students from the general education setting to work with them.
  • Should not be pulled from working with students to serve as translators or for other duties​
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