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    ​​​​​Assessment Accomm​o​​dations for ELL Students​

    Assessment Accommodations for ELL Students.pdfAssessment Accommodations for ELL Students


    ​ACCESS for ELLs 2.0​

    What is ACCESS 2.0? - Parent Information Handout 

    Arabic ​​What is ACCESS 2.0_Arabic.docx ​​​​
    What is ACCESS 2.0_Arabic (1).pdf
    ​​ChineseWhat is ACCESS 2.0_Chinese.docx ​​
    What is ACCESS 2.0_Chinese.pdf
    ​​EnglishWhat is ACCESS 2.0_English.docx ​​
    What is ACCESS 2.0_English.pdf
    ​Haitian-Creole French
    What is ACCESS 2.0_HaitianCF (1).docx​​
    What is ACCESS 2.0_HaitianCF.pdf
    ​HmongWhat is ACCESS 2.0_Hmong.docx
    What is ACCESS 2.0_Hmong.pdf
    ​SpanishWhat is ACCESS 2.0_Spanish.docx
    What is ACCESS 2.0_Spanish.pdf
    ​VietnameseWhat is ACCESS 2.0_Vietnamese.docx
    What is ACCESS 2.0_Vietnamese.pdf​​

    ​​​​ACCESS For ELLs 2.0 Calendar

    ​​​​2015-2016 ​ ​
    ​Description​Start Date ​​End Date
    ​Test Window​2/8/2016​​3/25/2016
    Additional Test Material1/20/2016​3/8/2016
    Districts Pack Completed T​est Material2/9/20164/1/2016
    Districts Ship Complete​d Test Material to DRC2/9/20164/1/2016
    All Test Material Received at DRC​4/8/20164/8/2016​
    Pre-Reporting Data Validation Window4/20/20164/26/2016
    Districts Receive Reports - Printed and Online5/20/20165/20/2016
    Post-Reporting Data Validation Window5/23/20166/3/2016
    Final Data​ Available to State6/13/20166/13/2016​
    ​​​​​General information in FLDOE website Access for ELLs 2.0​.

    For additional information regarding Florida’s administration of ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 assessments, please visit Flor​ida's WIDA page. ​


    ​​At the time of registration parents complete a Home Language Survey (HLS).  A student is tested to determine English language proficiency when the parent checks "yes" to any of the 3 questions found on the HLS.
    ​ ​
    The initial test is the IDEA Oral Proficiency Test ( IPT).  This test is given to students in grades K-12 and helps determine the need for ESOL services.  It is also used to exit students from the program in grades K-2.  The IPT assesses the student's ability to comprehend and respond to the spoken language.

    In addition, students in grades 3-12 also take the IPT to determine the need for services. 

     IPT Website​

    Florida Assessments Test

    Florida Assessments

    Please contact Charlene Sozio at ​or 386.734.7190, ​extension 20691​ for more information regarding IPT testing.​


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