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Transition Assessments

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A state website where students can participate in a variety of transition assessments (interest inventory, values inventory, employability skills inventory), research careers (demand for, education required, working conditions, salary), research employment trends in specific areas in Florida, create a portfolio, create a resume, write cover and thank you letters.
All assessment data, career searches, portfolios, resumes, etc. are stored at the state website.
Students create username and password to access website.

arrowassess.PNGInformal Assessments for Transition Planning (pro.ed):  

A comprehensive source of assessment procedures so teachers can identify the transition needs of their students.
Pro. Ed has granted permission for the user to make unlimited copies of Section 2 and 3 for educational purposes.
Every school has a copy of this book.

arrowassess.PNGEmployment and Career Planning (pro.ed):  
Sixty informal instruments for which permission has been granted  to copy for educational purposes.  The book is organized into four sections:  interests and Preferences, Abilities and Skills, Career Exploration and Job Searching and Securing.
Every school has a copy of this book.

arrowassess.PNGCareer Cruiser:
Student booklets are downloadable in English, Spanish and Creole. Teacher Manual is also available. The Career Cruiser is a career exploration resource used to promote career development for students. It provides self-assessment activities to assist students in thinking about the relationship between personal interests and career goals.

arrowassess.PNGEmployability/Life Skills Assessments
Assesses students 6-13 years of age and 14-22 years of age on their employability and life skills. Parents can also participate in the assessment process. Areas Assessed: Self-Help Skills, General Work Habits, Task Related Skills, Quantity of Work, Quality of Work, Relationship to Teacher/Supervisor, Relationship to Peers and Work Attitude.
      • Employablity/Life Skills Assessment ages 6-13
      • Employablity/Life Skills Assessment ages 6-13 Parent Form
      • Employablity/Life Skills Assessment ages 14-21
      • Employablity/Life Skills Assessment ages 14-21 Parent Form

arrowassess.PNGNational Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT):
NTACT is a national technical assistance and dissemination funded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs.
     • Employment Related Questions: Twenty one questions covering family, strengths, needs, favorites, future plans,
        and independent functioning.
     • Student Dream Sheet: Fifteen short answer questions about a student’s plans for his/her future.

arrowassess.PNGThink College!
Site that explores college options for people with intellectual disabilities.
     • Student Transition Skills Inventory: Sixty question likert inventory intended to gather data on students 14-21 in the
        following areas: Communication, Vocational/Career, Community Access and Practice, Recreation and Leisure, 
        Independent Living and Post High School Supports.

starassessmentssmall.PNGNon-Reading Vocational Assessments

     arrowassess.PNGEnvision Your Career:
        Language free visual career interest inventory designed to be used as an initial assessment of occupational interests.
        Sixty-six images show people performing job duties in a variety of work environments. Envision Your Career comes
        with a DVD, student scoring sheets and teacher guide. This product is copy righted but permission is given to copy the
        student response sheets when used in conjunction with the DVD.
        Access this assessment through your Vocational Specialist serving your school.

     arrowassess.PNGReading-Free Vocational Interest Inventory
       A non-reading vocational preference inventory for use with a wide variety of students from regular class to individuals
       with intellectual disabilities. This is a norm- referenced assessment that comes with: Teacher’s Manual,
       Occupational Titles Lists, student booklets. This product is copy righted. Response sheets were developed to avoid
       consuming the student booklets and avoid copy right violations.
       Access this assessment through your Vocational Specialist serving your school.

    arrowassess.PNGPicture Interest Career Survey (PICS):
       Available from Jist Publishing, PICS is for people with limited reading ability or special needs to explore their career
       interests and find a job that fits. The Picture Interest Career Survey (PICS) is a quick way for people to identify
       occupational interests by using pictures of people at work rather than text-based items. Test takers are presented with
       36 sets of three pictures and choose which of the three portrayed occupations seems most interesting. Based on the
       pictures selected, PICS creates a profile of the individual that leads directly to career information and potential job
       matches. Available from JIST in packages of 25 for $53.95.



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