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VCS Parent/Guardian Website for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and Tiered Supports


Welcome to the VCS Parent Website for ESE and Tiered Supports.

We are hopeful that you will find this site helpful as you seek to find help for your child, whether it be for academic and/or behavioral concerns, accommodations if needed, evaluating for suspected disabilities, ESE programs, or transition services for students with disabilities who are completing high school.

You will find the links on this site organized around questions parents and guardians may typically ask to get help for their child. If you have further questions, please contact the Principal or PST Chair at your child’s current school if in elementary or the PST Chair or ESE Assistant Principal if your child is currently in middle or high school for assistance.  If you still need help after speaking with the school, the school will help connect you with appropriate district support as needed, or simply link to the "Click here to contact the ESE Department" on the bottom of this page.

• 1. My child is over 3 years of age but not yet in Kindergarten. I have concerns about his/her
        development. Whom do I contact for help?

• 2. My child who is not in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) is having trouble academically and/or 
        behaviorally at school.
  Where do I go for help?

• 3. My child (who is not receiving Exceptional Student Education services) has been evaluated and I have 
        been called to a meeting at the school.
What can I expect?

• 4. Now that my child is eligible for ESE as a Student with a Disability (SWD) ,
what does this mean  educationally for my child?

• 5. My child is in ESE and I'm looking for what programs and supports are available when he/she
        graduates from high school.
  Where do I find this help?

Click here to contact the ESE Department.


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