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The Eligiblity/IEP meeting...


My child (who is not receiving Exceptional Student Education services) has been evaluated and I have been called to a meeting at the school.  What can I expect?

If your child has been evaluated for a suspected disability, the school will be reaching out to you to attend a meeting about the test results and possible eligibility for Exceptional Student Exception (ESE) services.  During the meeting, a team of educators, including your child's teacher and someone who can speak to services provided by the district, will review the test results and how your child responded to interventions that were put in place to help your child be successful. This team may decide that your child a) meets eligibility as a student with a disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or Section 504 or b) does not meet eligibilty as a student with a disability under IDEA or Section 504. If the latter occurs, the school will continue to intervene as needed to ensure that your child receives the supports that they need as a general education student.  If your child does meet eligibility requirements under IDEA or Section 504, you will be provided with Procedural Safeguards and an explanation of the services and/or accommodations that your child will receive.  The district seeks a positive, productive and collaborative relationship with parents and guardians so if you have questions about the process or what to expect, please reach out to the school or district.    You are welcome to bring anyone of your choosing to the meeting.  The links provided below will provide you with more information about the meeting and your choices and rights as a parent/guardian.

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