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ESE Programs and Support


Now that my child is eligible for ESE as a Student with a Disability (SWD) what does this mean educationally for my child?

Parents and guardians may ask "What is special about special education?"  The answer is Specially Designed Instruction which means that your child will have changes in the content, delivery or methodology of instruction.  The levels of services that are avaialble to your child are referred to as a continuum of services.  Within the school setting, the continuum may be as little as consultation (i.e., an ESE teacher meeting with your child's general education teacher to discuss strategies) or as intensive as a separate class ESE placement throughout the day,  or a  combination of supports based on your child's specific needs.  In rare cases, students may receive hospital/homebound services or services in a separate setting, if the need and eligibility criteria exist.  To the greatst extent possible, the district seeks to educate all children on the general education standards as found in the Florida Standards.  For a small number of children with signifcant cognitive deficits, the Florida Standards may not be appropriate and a team determines that the Florida Standards Access Points are more appropriate. The decision of what services and instruction are best for your child is made by the IEP team based on data and needs of your child with the services provided in the least restrictive environment to meet your child's needs.

Specially designed instruction-What's Special About Special Education
Florida Standards Access Points
VCS ESE Service Delivery Continuum Narrative and Chart


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