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Children ages 3-5...


My child is over 3 years of age but not yet in Kindergarten. I have concerns about his/her development.  Whom do I contact for help?‚Äč

Parents/guardians are encouraged to contact Child Find when they have concerns about their young child's development when the child is not yet enrolled in Kindergarten or beyond.   The Child Find team will conduct a screening to determine next steps.  If an evaluation is needed, a school psychologist, speech/language clinician, or other qualified evaluators trained with special skills in the development of young children will conduct the evaluation.  For more information including whom to contact for a screening, please access the link below.
Child Find

For access to the book "First Steps: A Guide to Your Child's Development" published by the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council, click here.

This guide in available in English, Spanish and audio format and can be ordered hard copy free of charge.




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